Sunday, February 21, 2010


Something "happened" to me today--by accident--but it gave me a "brilliant" idea!!!!
It is a new scent for Kleenex!!!
What about this "scent"?????
Chocolate---yep--you read me right---CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!  
Can't you just smell it now????
And we could produce it in all three favors---
White Chocolate----Milk Chocolate----- and Dark Chocolate!!!!
I just love it---and this is what we would be making then---
Yep--I am on to something now!!!!!

those of you who already wondered about how "crazy-silly" I was, am now totally convinced I have fallen off the deep end---but this is my story--I always keep some chocolate by my rocking chair--and somehow a Kleenex landed on top of it--so today when I picked up the Kleenex and used it---oh my it was just heavenly----it smelled just like my chocolate bar --what can I say????

See what happens when I party too much!!!!!

The movie was really good---Little sister and I watched it here first--it is called "Waitress" and is an older movie (2007) and I discovered that Andy Griffin was in it---  You know Mary's and my star from Matlock---we just love him--so I had to take the movie down to her today and even though she was not feeling well we watched it right there and then and it was just as good the second time around--that Andy always plays a sorta tough guy--but always with a "soft" spot--you gotta love a person like that!!!!!!  Mary also got excited cause there was another actor in it that she really likes--so it was a good morning~~~

I am in trouble bloggers--first I really think I put too many things on my "to finish" list for February---and my "idea" for my project for the Spring sew in is not working out--SO now what???????
But it looks like I am not the only one in "trouble"!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Chocolate scented tissues! That would help you feel better when you havae the sniffles! I love Andy Griffith also, and have finally quit recording Matlock because I've seen them all so many times.

  2. Loved this post!! Too cool for words, Chocolate scented tissues! I love chocolate i think it would be just the thing when you are feeling a bit sniffly, adore the kitty in the file cabinet. Have a nice day!

  3. I think it is a wonderful idea.
    Loved that movie. I have watched SEVERAL times :)

  4. Yep, chocolate tissues, chocolate toothpaste, air freshener, chocolate flavored broccoli?????
    You could always play catch up with Joy and I next month. We would love the company. L,A-

  5. We have tried chocolate toothpaste...the kids said is was not very good at all though.

    I do like the idea of an air freshener that smells like chocolate or chocolate cake. Yummy :)

  6. Enjoyed reading your post and I would love chocolate smelling tissues.

    Oh can you please say Hi to Lil Sis as I am aay for a few days and will miss her post SOB!!!

  7. Yum - chocolate tissues! Great idea. I'm so with you -- I always put more on my plate than I can eat (in more ways than one LOL)! I'm sure whatever you sew at the party will be great!

  8. Mmmmm... the smell is going straigt to me through the computer:).. mmmmmm .. I have to go to the store now.. see you later... hugs


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