Sunday, February 14, 2010


What does one do when there is no family to celebrate a holiday with????
Well--If your name is "Di" you keep on keeping on--and that means sewing/quilting!!!
And I am very happy to say that I got not one more finish done, but two---
This is a Charming Girls finish on my Feb. list and I am sooo happy that I got it finished today--cause then I could enjoy it some for Valentines!!!  Plus I went back down to Marys and some little red bowls and some chocolate mint ice cream went with me and we celebrated together--then I came back up and ---
Got this pillow top done--had to finish the embroidery--then made it into a pillow---
Hooray for me!!!!
And if I know how "kin" you bloggers are--I know that you realized that both pillows are the same size--only one is laying down and one is standing up!!!!!
I make my pillow tops as covers that you can just slip onto a pillow form--it saves on storage room--let me tell you!!!!  This one here is a small travel pillow that I got last year or so for $4.00 new---I will be looking for a couple more this year as they work really well and are just my "size"!!!!!!!
The snowman pillow was a OPAM finish for Feb.

So my hope is that everyone either had family to be with or a great fun quilty project today!!!!

Hugs, and Smiles and fun to all---Di


  1. Go Di!!! Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Happy Valentine's to you!! I was lucky enough to spend the day with all my kids and Hubby and get a bunch of quilting done :)

    I love your heart pillow! Perfect for February :)

    I totally agree with you about making pillow covers and swapping out as you desire. How many pillows can one have around the house anyways? Too many pillows and my kiddos will have a pillow fight lol.

  3. You're always so busy with great projects! Happy Valentines Day to you as well! -Tammy

  4. I really tried to do both. We went to my Mom's with lots of yummy munchies and everything I needed to do some embroidery while we sat and watched the Daytona 500. Everything that is except a needle. Ugh!!! Oh well, we had fun eating. I am glad you got lots done. Your pillows are so cute!

  5. I love the snowman!!! He is soooo cute :) Is the pattern off the web?
    Thanks for your valentines email and Happy Valentines Day to you too :)

  6. The pillows are so cute, and what a clever idea to make them removable for storage. I've avoided making pillows for that very reason - they take up too much storage space.

  7. Oh, Di, they're both totally adorable.
    However -------- are YOU sure you need to keep that snowman one? He's my FAVORITE!!! You know, you only have SEW much storage...LOL

  8. Oh well done di. Love both your pillows. I just can't seem to get into sewing. I have afew things that just need a little to finish them off. Maybe tomorrow.
    Looking forward to reading Barbara's post.

  9. Pretty pillow Di.
    It is okay to give to ourselves...after all we know hat we REALLY like and WANT! Ha!! Ha!!

    Love the snowman!!!
    I too do the slips!
    So much easier then the whole pilla!


  10. Ok, this is the third time I'm trying to leave a computer is driving me nuts!! Anyway, I love the do such nice work! I also make pillow covers...much easier to wash and it does cut down on storage, you're right!

  11. I love both of your pillow covers. They look amazing. I especially like the valentine one. I do not have any Valentine decorations. I just did not have the time this year. I will try to get some done sooner for next year.


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