Monday, February 8, 2010


I am ready to do this---I am so tired---I could join this little one in the food dish!!!!!

Last night I did get another bom finished--
Bouquet block by Jenny for this month!!!  And I am working on the First Friday freebie now---maybe by tomorrow that will be finished---????

Did this today--
Only I knitted on baby hats instead of reading--I now go downstairs to the small laundry room--it reminds me of my Mom always going to the cellar to do laundry!!!  It's the stairs that get me--and there is just no way you can only do 2 trips one down and one up--instead it takes me 7 trips to do just a couple loads--that;s counting going up and down!!!

Plus I actually cooked---OK---stop laughing---I can cook -- it's just that I would rather-----??????
And I got to sit at my table with it all ready for Valentines day with the things I made in the Sew-In---it felt soooo goooood to finally have it all cleaned off and sooo pretty!!!
Here is some other pictures of the "new" arrangements I have been working on--
I mostly used my "cat" things for here--by the way can you tell I like "little" lamps and lights????  I counted and I have a good 13 of them around here!!!!  and 2 stings of Christmas lights==plus the three little green trees with their clear lights that I have lite all year!!!!
This shows the funny corner shelf that I found--it has all my magazines on it so that I can get to them any time I want to look at pictures!!!! (these are country ones--quilt ones are in the bedroom)
Even the Hoosier got a new look--yesterday--Put all my tea cups and old dishes in it---
this top shelf has alot of my Mom's things in it---I think so far of all the different ways and things I have put in here--the Hoosier I like this look the best?????

Well My friends--I really am tired tonight--and cold--so time to go snuggle up in a quilt and work on a project???

PS--I need your help in making a decision -- so "pop" over to my workbasket site----thanks!!!


  1. It all looks so pretty. I love your green depression glass--whichever shelf that is. It is one of my many collections. I do think you have earned being tired. The stairs alone are enough to wear we out.

  2. G'eve ~ You have a lovely collection of so much, beautiful presentation.

    Love the kitty!

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful week.
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. You sure have a lot of lovely things. Love you Valentine place mats.

  4. Wow, you have been busy, you deserve a little resty.. Thanks for comments to my blog.. I love all your wonderful graphics..
    Have a terrific Tuesday

  5. I still love the placemats! They look perfect on your table.

    That's too many trips to the laundry room. Your building doesn't have elevators?

  6. Hi Di! Gosh your house is so nice and cozy looking. I love your nice collections. And those Valentine placemats are TOO CUTE!!


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