Monday, February 22, 2010


This is cool-whip--and I know this is why----
the scales were a few numbers higher than last time--and---
the reason the blood pressure numbers where too high!!!!
Now "why" did I have to eat the "whole" container of cool whip---I think the older I get the "dumber" I also get!!!!!!

Actually I never buy the stuff---but when you make Chocolate pie--you just gotta have cool-whip---and then what does one do when there is some leftover????  You can't let it go to waste-----so you eat some on your rice pudding everynight before bed!!!!!  Sounded good at the time!!!!!
But this is how I probably should of finished up the cartoon??????

Quilting update:
I am excited because I see some of you are now finally working on your "cat" blocks--they are looking good---you have about a week before the next one comes out---so---keep those fingers a flyin!!!!
Now me I am still--yep--still working on the 5 Tisket blocks from last year--this one got it's binding sewed on it today, along with two others--so I have 3 to sew the bindings on and embellish--one more to finish quilting the border on--and one more to do the center quilting and the border on--but they are coming along---it's a race til the end of the month!!!!

And just so you know---Plan A is back on for the Spring sew in--but I have done a "little" change--so we will see--course--if I don't get all my goals met--I may have to spend the day in the Principles office finishing those things first!!!!!!

Just for fun----
Hugs, Di


  1. Hee hee she laughs as she just gets home from pigging out at the Chinese Buffet. And I need to take my BP medicine before I forget. Quilting should use up more calories!!!!

  2. So cute! I love the cat blocks. I love all of your goodies.

  3. I've saved all the tisket tasket basket patterns, but I haven't started them. Yours looks so cute.

  4. I love your cat block. I got mine transferred to fabric so I hope to work on it this week.

  5. I love your tisket a tasket block, it looks wonderful. I am behind on many of my projects. Hopefully I will be able to get them done soon.

  6. love your tisker a tasket block, I've made all twelve of them but thats all, I have not done anything with them yet (maybe one day)
    Dolly Hugs

  7. I agree with Garfield and wish I could have been eating with Alice... hmmm... not keen on cool whip, so you can have all of that :)
    Well done on your sewing!

  8. Now I understand - thanks Garfield! Luckily my BP is low - wish the scales would tip that way, too!
    Love the basket, Di.
    Have a fun day!

  9. you always get me giggling! Have a lovely day!

  10. Don't feel bad I am behind on my Tisket blocks too. I did print off the cat block. My son and his wife have two cats and I thought I might make something with the a few of the blocks.

  11. Mmmm Cool-whip! It just tastes so darn good on everything lol.

  12. Oh gosh...I'm addicted to Land O Lakes spray whip cream! I walk by the fridge and just squirt it into my mouth. David always says, "now that's classy." hee,hee,hee.
    Your blocks are lovely!
    hugs and friends,


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