Thursday, February 25, 2010


But for us here in my area--we don't have nearly the snow that they are getting east and south of me---they have said more during the night, though--will see!!!  and they are saying "snow" now through Sunday--so If I go missing--it may mean No power!!!
This truck came today with my Jelly roll for the new club---
This is the box---open it--Di
OK--stop being "funny" we want to see what you bought????
Ah--you are getting closer--but--
Yes--Di--you already told us you got a Jelly roll---
that's a little better---
even better--but we are still guessing---
AH--you didn't---you found a Jelly roll of Rural Jardin---how wonderful---now we can't wait to see your first block---and guess what????  Neither can "Di"!!!!!

You see the one piece of fabric under the roll---that is a yard of "caramel" broadcloth that I got to get the order up for the free shipping amount---but the wonderful part is that that piece was the most perfect color for these guys--
See the faces---I could of not gotten it any better if I had wanted to--infact I thought I had some fabric for the faces--but it was all wrong---and here came this piece--one-half hour before I started these guys---These "guys" have a story to tell you---

I did not get all I had wanted to do done today--yet I did work fairly steady--some times it just takes us longer that we plan--I guess!!!! (plus it takes longer when certain "guys" misbehave!!!!!)

OH here is another "favor" of Kleenex---called "kitten"!!!!!!


  1. Awww, cute kitty! Can't wait to see your finished projects. Love the fabrics too. Good luck with the snow! I hope we're done with it now, but I've said that every week for the past how many weeks? :) -Tammy

  2. G'eve, Diane ~ I am with the kitty! Give me a box ... chuckle! We got snow & will have more over the next couple of days. Love it.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. It's nice to get a visit from the UPS man. They always bring such lovely things.

  4. Snowing.. yes... but I´m glad it is´nt rain because we all need noaks ark I think:).. very nice jollys.. and Tildas sheeps.. have a nice weekend

  5. Di, Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog (Sideroad Stitcher) and leaving a kind comment. Your visit was really appreciated. The respone has been overwhelming, the ladies in blogland are the best! My little kitty in my picture is Lucy. I also have her brother Linus. I have more than a 'few' rescued cat's who I'll show over time. Thanks again.

  6. Hi, looking forward to meet your new "guys" they look wery cute already. Regards

  7. The little guys look cute - looking forward to seeing them finished. Nice jelly roll! It has stopped snowing here, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed -awfully difficult to sew like this ....

  8. The snow photos from this post and last post are very pretty and so are those jelly rolls.


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