Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Time for a celebration dance---
We did get some snow--about 5-6 inches---so not lots to have to deal with--but enough that everything is real pretty and shinny and glistening out there---

the second order from Cotton Charms--Kelly--came in today--here is more of the Birdie line for the Spring Sew In---
and here is what I used my gift certificate that I won on---the Verna line---I just love the colors in this line---can't wait til I have some time to look around at patterns for this line---maybe March's Schnibbles pattern will work!!!!!

And now---

This story is about a rocking chair--
You see Di bought this rocking chair off the side walk over town this past summer and it worked in her bedroom very nicely--and she even found the "perfect" rose fabric to make cushion for it at about the same time---BUT---did she?????
No--poor rocker has sat in her room "naked"--(unless it was holding some "items" that Di was too busy/lazy to put in the right place!!!

Then along came February's First Friday Freebie--It was a rose embroidery work---so Di put on her thinking "cap"--she likes roses--but she really did not want to do a red rose, as that would mean she would pack it away with the Valentines things as she does not have a place for red--except the kitchen--the rest of the time!!!!!
then it "hit" her what she would make with the FFF----and she hunted until she found just the right color fabric for the background and the right shade of embroidery thread and she started embroidering the rose----and looky what she did---
But now there is more to the story--she also made this --
and then she put them both here---
AND now her green rocking chair is a "Happy Camper" cause it has it's very own "dressing" and it is soooo pretty!!!! and it feels sooooo loved now!!!!
(PS--please tell Di not to load me up with "orphans"--I like me just the way I am now!!!!!!  The End!

So my friends I did do alot of sewing today--also got the binding sewed on a small wall hanging--but it is not finished--tomorrow--is another day!!!

TO Little Sister's new fan club (see yesterday's post)--you made her very happy by visiting her new site---thank you!!!

Just three more days to ---Valentines day---are you ready?????

Hugs, and Smiles---Di


  1. Love the new 'dress' for the rocker. It looks much happier now.

  2. I love the cusions you made for your rocker. They look wonderful!!!!

  3. Your chair looks gorgeous and happy. How long will it stay visible??? And now I feel less naughty after seeing all of your new purchases!
    Very pretty.

  4. Oh you made the rocking chair so very happy with it's pretty cushions.LOL

  5. Wonderful way to use FFF! It is darling. I'm loving that Verna line as well and will be interested to see a Schnibble from it.

  6. I am laughing out loud as I type this:

    I don't know if my bottom could fit on that cute little round rocking chair cushion you made....LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Too cute and TOO little for this girl LOL


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