Friday, February 12, 2010


Most people who "really" know me are always saying something about me being in "hot water" all the time--

-Well today they could not say that as I got up to ice cold water---we have a "temperamental" hot water tank at the end of this wing--it likes to blow fuses---must  of had a bad night--cause it was really out of sorts this morning---

that's ok really---I really did not want to wash dishes first thing-- any ways!!!!!
And now here is a picture for you----
Look closely----is this a new way to wash dishes---or----have I been doing them wrong all these years???????

Instead I did this--
Went to the Library and picked out some new books--it is always a hard "job"---the book can sound good on the preview--but??????????
They were also setting this up---
Oh my goodness---they were all kinds of pretty yummy looking Valentines baked goods!!!!
Oh you want to know if any came home with me???
Just 5 cinnamon muffins and a small banana-chocolate chip quick bread---You knew there had to be some "chocolate' in there somewhere's didn't you!!!!!

My only finish today was a blue baby knit hat--
Aren't all babies "sweet"---see I was sweet once--little sister!!!!
See ya tomorrow---
Hugs, and Smiles---Di


  1. Brrrr-not a good way to start an already chilly day! Hope they got it fixed quick. Not that you should stress about dishes anyway. Save me a muffin, they look yummy!

  2. Interesting way of doing dishes... since I can't touch my toes at the best of times, I think I'll stick to my way :)
    Enjoy your muffins and hope your hot water comes back soon!

  3. No hot water....yikes! I was thinking about making muffins and bread this weekend. Sounds yummy!

  4. I think I'll continue to use the dishwasher....LOL

  5. I do believe that's how you practice yogo and do the dishes at the same time. You know, multi-tasking. hee,hee,hee! ya got me hungry for a muffin! Dag! :)
    your friend,


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