Tuesday, February 23, 2010


AH---that's tooo fast---
Too slow and small---
AH--no that's not quite it either--
Yea---like don't I wish---but then I would be out buying lots and lots of fabric and would never get anything done!!!!!!

I mean---I am rolling along on getting my projects done!!!!
My friend--Ann came this morning for our "quilt-in"--I continued to work on the Tisket blocks and this is what Ann but the binding on today--
She is always just sewing something together until she gets enough for a quilt top--she makes alot and I mean alot of baby quilts--but this year she is also making alot of lap quilts for Hospice -- and that is where this one is going!!!  Ann pays for all the supplies herself---I do try to help her out when I can!!  She has a heart of gold!!!

And I got a finish for the OPAM challenge done today--this is my new mixer cover for the kitchen--
See there is really a mixer under there!!!!
And I worked on these piles of 3 1/2 inch squares--two piles are all sewed up--this goes on the Charming gal challenge---Maybe "IF" you are good--I will have them finished tomorrow and can show the pictures!!!!

So you see I am rolling right along here---even had time to go  down and see Mary this afternoon for a few minutes!!!
And here is  my February --  Sunday Best in a full view---( don't tell anyone--but this months I can not get it hand quilted by the 1st--so it will have to go on one of my challenge lists for next month!!!!)
Have fun "playing" with your family and friends tomorrow/today!!!!



  1. You've been very busy with lots of finishes. Love your Schnibbles.

  2. You have been a really good girl. Can't wait to see the latest Tisket blocks. The cover is really nice too--I think I am going to have to make one too. Soon I hope! L, A-

  3. I think this blog rolled off your tongue and through your fingers to the keyboard quite nicely! Thanks for the laugh and images.

  4. You're such a busy busy girl! Love the kitties - Elizabeth asked today if she could get another kitten when we move... :) So tempting....

  5. I so love to see quilts. Patchworks of life. Never met a quilt I didn't like.

  6. You have been rolling right along! Your friend Ann sounds like a super sweet person!
    Keep up all the good work. Everything looks wonderful!
    hugs and friends,

  7. Oh, oh, oh, Diane. What a GREAT Sunday Best. You have created a beauty !!

  8. Wow I think you got quite a bit done. And I am always in awe of anyone that handquilts!!! That will look amazing whenit is finished.

  9. Hey...you finally got your mixer cover made. Good for you!!! It must feel great to finally get that project crossed off the list :)

    Love your Schnibble. Mine is pin basted and waiting to be quilted. Just can't decide on how to quilt it and what color(s) to use. Better hurry up and make a decision, March 1st is just around the corner!!


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