Saturday, March 27, 2010


I was able to start on sewing on another quilt at 10:00 am this morning--that is unusual for me--or used to be!!!

And I got to make "braids"---did you ever braid your hair when you were young or braid your kids hair--what about "french" braids????

The only time I ever remember braids was when I was in my 40's and my daughter did a french braid in my hair--I just loved it--but I could not get the hang of it--so went back to long fairly straight hair--or in a pony tail--guess I am just a "pony tail" kinda girl!!!

Today--I did more "braids"--fabric strip kinds--and what a laugh it was in the beginning--I guess I was trying to put "the tail in the front of the horse--instead at the point of the horse"!!!!  But I finally got it going at the right end and going in the right direction---
So here is a look at 3 strips of braids that are going into a quilt!!!!  these are soooo much fun to make and really easy--as long as you get your horse going in the right direction!!!!!
About mid afternoon--Little sister came by--and we decided we would walk over to the Quilt shop--I needed some fabric for the binding for Roundabout--so we took off--
I think we had nearly every bolt off the shelves to try--it was a challenge--but we finally "all" agreed on one and I got some of it and we went across the street to get an ice cream cone----ONLY---they had  "closed" the lunch counter 20 minutes earlier--so somebody must be watching out for my "figure" even if it isn't me!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on the way home out came my camera and here is a couple pictures of Spring we found---

I am not sure what these flowers are --they are not crocus --or at least not the ones I am familiar with!!
Easter Laughs---
Q...Waitress, what's this hare doing in my soup??

A...Looks like the back stroke!!!
Q....How do bunnies stay healthy???

Q...what do you call a bunny with a dictionary in his pants?????

A...A smarty pants!!!!!!!
Q...what would you call the Easter Bunny if he married a chicken??

A...the first Rabbit to lay an egg!!!!!!!!!
Q....What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole???

A...A hot cross bunny!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonder Sunday---
Hugs, Di


  1. just wanted you to know, I love your braids!

    have a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Yes, me too with the braids. I haven't braided my hair for years but did like it.. Thanks for the spring picks and love the quilt........

  3. My mom braided my hair. I did the tiny braids tied behind my head when I was a 60's teenager. I tried French Braids on my daughter - miserable attempt. Then crimped hair came in and I braided and braided..... and braided her hair in teesy braids every night. You quilt is lovely. I think that's the only kind of braid I'd ever want to try again.

  4. Hey Di,

    This looks like the little zig zag quilt I started. That thing was so hateful to work on that it is still laying on my cutting table. Guess I couldn't get the hang of getting the direction right!

  5. I love your braids! And I love seeing little girls with braids. My mother wore her hair in long braids when she was young, so she hated them, and almost never braided my hair. I guess I'll have to try a braided quilt now.

  6. Loving those "whimsical" braids! And, thanks for the funnies, too!


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