Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Let's go spend some "money"---
Now what would you like to spend it on---food--paper products--clothes--beauty products---eating out---go to the movies---
SOOO many choices one has--when that check come in????????

SOOOOO ---you will be so proud of me--this is how I like to spend mine?????
I spent part of mine ------ON FABRIC---I know--but--but---this is my "thing"---
Today Anne took me to the grocery stores and inbetween the two--we just had to "stop" at the Quilt shop!!!!
I really needed a couple things--But first we went back to her sale room--that was a mistake--sort of--- I got this pile --yet I call it a pile--here----
This is from the Flag Day Farm line--I have "1" charm pack for them--so I really did to get some "pieces" to go with that--right????
And these two kept up a "rack-it" so got them-- the camping one--that might make a pretty tote bag for this summer--the red is just a nice country red--so it has a home in my stash!!!!
Oh what did I go in for--one was thread and I did get it with the first lot--
then I remembered "why" I was there--so back through the store I went--
I really needed a nice background fabric for the new BOM I am in--and this fat quarter--just -- fell--right off the shelf above it and right into my hands--it was a "stray" I am sure of it--so I brought it home toooooo!!!!

I did get groceries and even more important I got the stuff I needed to "mail" out all the Birthday Party gifts--so be patient a bit longer--they will be mailed out during the next two days!!!!  And I even found some "cupcakes" to mail to you---now how is that!!!!
Now did I get any "work" done??? You know "sewy-quilty" work???
I did get the center block started for the Round robin--all the rest of flowers are ready to applique on it--so it is coming--this center block is 16 inches square--sooo!!!
And I am working on the newest "Catalious" block--I just LOVE these blocks!!!!

*****When soooo many of the new bom's come in at the same time--first of the month--how do you decide which one to work on first????  Do you have method?????
Guess it's like trying to balance an elephant on a big ball!!!!

Well--I need to get back to gift wrapping---oh wait a minute--I need to read me some good time blogs first!!!
Hugs, Di & co!!!!


  1. I also spent some time (and money) in a quilt shop today. What a wonderful place to spend ones time and money.

  2. I LOVE that star fabric you bought. Glad you got some groceries too...you need to keep up your energy to get all those BOM finished :)

  3. I can say that I use my check to fabrics to.. allways:)... I just love fabrics!!!

  4. You've made a great start on those boms! I always have trouble deciding which one to start too, and of course I told myself NOT to do so many this year.. but ... sigh...!
    I really need to move soon so that I stop starting new things! LOL!

  5. You have such gorgeous fabric in the States lucky you.

  6. Looks like you had a good time shopping and spending that check!

  7. Are you sure you had money left for Groceries....for the long haul? LOL

    Okay, where's MY check............


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