Thursday, March 11, 2010


Mail came---such a cute kitty---AH--but no--this is what I got in "my mail box"--
Some honey instead---the Charm pack and Honey bun I won over on Kelly's site for the Spring sew in, came today---I just love this line and I had nearly ordered some from Kelly on the last order--now I have to order some--3 pieces to go with this line and I even "think"(??) I know what I am going to do these--but it is a "secret" as it is something that just "popped" into the old head today when I was "drooling" over the charm pack!!!!  Thanks again -- Kelly--

I spent most of the day on our monthly Schnibbles pattern--
Roundabout---and I was ready to rename it to -- "wonky-roundabout" as it seemed to be all coming out a bit wonky!!!!  Last night I was rereading a quilt magazine and in one of the articles--there was ideas and hints written from some US designers--I was surprised at how many now "press" there seams OPEN instead of to one side--also one of the them said that they do not press anything until the block is all stitched together---SO---I decided to "try" both of these ideas and see what would happen with my "wonky" blocks---
And it was the "magic" trick---they came out really well after that---(you do have to press the straight pieces where we sew the corner piece on though first)---but I really liked pressing the seams open on this one--plus I know it will make a  BIG difference when I go to hand quilt it!!!

Later after a break I went back to sewing the blocks into rows---and you will never guess who showed up------
The "point police" yep--got the first row done and was on the second one when this "guy" came for a visit and guess what he "slapped" in my hand-----
And I was informed that the "points" were way off and I had better do something about them---then he left----he actually "left"----so I had to use it all by myself and redo the rows---BUT--I have to admit---they do look alot better now---
so Thanks Mr. Point Police!!!

We are starting to see the Robins here again and today the singing birds were out and about (along with some flyin bugs) so maybe spring is gonna arrive soon!!!



  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the new fabric :)

  2. I couldn't really tell that the points were off?? But I love the colors you got goin' on..

  3. Your Schnibble looks like a fun one this month! Love the fabric you chose. I had a hard time trying to figure out where to match everything up at. I knew the background fabric needed to match and make nice little squares but after that it was a free for all ;). I started quilting mine but ran out of thread before I was even 1/4 of the way done. Sure looked like there was more thread on the spool than that. I guess I will be stopping at a craft store this weekend. I need a few things from the store anyways. I pressed mine round and round. Not quite ready to press seams open yet.

  4. I LOVE the fabrics you picked out for Roundabout, Di.

    And, I'm tending to press my seams open more and more. I always have - to some degree - but the last few Schnibbles has had me pressing open often to make things line up better.

  5. Pressing can make a lot of wrongs right! I think your Roundabout is coming along nicely. Love the bright happy fabrics!

  6. Hey Di,

    I just read your previous post and I love your pink pillow! I'm going to have to start making pillow jackets using my stitcheries too.


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