Saturday, March 6, 2010


OK here is what I continued on for today--
Got the top all sewed together--OK--that's a start----BUT--now which one of these sooo pretty fabrics do I use for the borders--
This one--
OR this one???
I do not have any of the little "birdie" prints in this top yet---so pink or yellow???

THIS is the right one--
AH--Di--where did the "birds" go?????  AH--guess they all "flew" away!!!!
I even did mitered corners--on both border pieces---"aren't" I good!!!!  JUST don't tell the Mitered Corner Police--that I have my "own" method for doing these style corners!!!
AND -- both borders are all on and I am "happy" to report that it is even basted now---SO NOW  who said they "volunteered" to hand quilt this for me--so I can get on to "other" things????????

Is anybody else out there "tired" tonight besides me?????
What does one do when they are "tired"??????
EAT---hey--that's my piece of cake!!!
Well--what else can I do????
Play with some Kitties---AH--don't have any!!!
What else???
I know--put together a puzzle----NO---that would take too long and tonight one piece would just like the next piece!!!!
Guess I will go and see if I can pull a "rabbit" out of a hat---hope I have better luck that this "guy" is having!!!!
There's that "rabbit!!!


  1. Your quilt top looks wonderful. I also love the embroidered cat block. So cute. I worked today and was too tired to do any sewing. Maybe tomorrow!!

  2. What a cute quilt.

    Your new backgound is great too.

  3. Your quilt is coming along nicely. I love how happy the fabrics are :)

  4. Your quilt top is gorgeous! I havent been brave enough to give mitered corners a go - yours look perfect! :)

  5. I love your spring quilt--it's so sweet and cheery! The fabrics are perfect, and I love the little bunny. I like your new blog decor...very festive!


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