Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Do you remember about a month or so ago -- a fellow blogger and new friend, Alice, sent me a package--it had the cute Valentine lollipops in it????
I am not sure if you also noticed in the "pile" of goodies was this--
It is a spool of variegated thread --
And do you see what color it is?????    PINK--yes my favorite!!!
So I have had my "eyes" open waiting for just the right project to come along to use it on and low and behold--I did find it---
this month's first friday freebie---it shouted--"do me in that delightful pink thread"---so I never "argue" with a spool of thread--so I did---and I just "love" it--then I was trying to decide how to finish it off--do I make a wall hanging or what with it---Then yesterday when my friend Anne came she brought me 3 quilt magazines she had picked up to look at--in one was a picture of a set of pillows using "chenille"--AHHH--
I remembered I had a nice leftover piece of "pink"---yep--
PINK chenille bedspread--that I had used for years and then the corners gave out--so I have used it in some craft projects---and I actually knew right where it was--SOOO--
this is my "newest" pillow---all done up in it's Easter Dress!!!!  I was even able to use some of the pretty edging on this one--
I did line the chenille with a solid pink cotton fabric for strength and so you would not see the stripes on the pillow!!!
AND look who has "adopted" the pillow---
Mary and Larry the Lambs---so it's beginning to look a little bit like "Easter" around here!!

What else did I do today---Well--I did go to Mary's but did not stay as she was not feeling well at all---( I am worried!!)
So came home and made the pillow--then I worked on my Roundabout quilt top for Schnibbles for this month--AND--I actually used the Rowena travel iron that I bought back in August---I can be rather slow sometimes!!!!!   there is alot of prep work first--but once that part is done the blocks go together rather fast--got 6 blocks done--but then came out and hand quilted on the Spring quilt!!!  So that was my day--now "what" didyou do with yours??????

And today's "bunny" clip is---
I want to know "who" baked cookies today and didn't tell me????

Hugs, Di


  1. I think that is one great pillow! Chenille is one of my favorites. Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

  2. What a great pillow! That pattern is adorable and the thread is just yummy.

  3. I loved those old bedspreads..The pillow looks so pretty and the stitchery is lovely.. Love the lambs too.. Have a terrific Thursday.

  4. Your stitchery is just perfect framed in your old chenille bedspread. I love it done all in pink! Nola

  5. super pillow! well done , and the cookies, yum!
    Have a lovely day.

  6. Oh, oh, oh - another beauty, Di. This pillow is so lovely!

  7. Di...that was a wonderful idea to put chenille into that gorgeous PINK stitchery piece! Wonderful and job well done! Be sure Kaaren sees this one! Her talent is amazing as yours.

  8. Sorry, no cookies were baked here today. I did think about it, but that was as far as I got lol.

    Love the pillow! I had a chenille bedspread growing up and loved the fringe. Mine was a boring white though.

    There sure was a bit of prep work for this month's Schnibble. I actually finished my top from start to finish yesterday. I would stop and think I was done for the day and then I would tell myself OK just one more thing. The next thing I knew, it was finished.

  9. I love the chenille pillow you made, and I love the redwork or pink I should say I have some pattern for redwork I love it. I try to make time to do some needlework I mostly quilt.keep up the good stuff

  10. Love your pink chenille pillow. It is so cute. Those lambs are cute too.

  11. I love your Easter pillow project! How adorable in pink!!! Love it!

  12. Very, very cute Easter pillow! I love the pink chenille with the stitchery. That one is on my list of things to do too! I doubt I'll get to it before Easter though!

    Great job, it looks wonderful!


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