Sunday, March 14, 2010


NO--not by the dog catchers---
No--I did not have my hands in the cookie jar---

YEP--the time change here -- caught me off guard this time---time goes fast enough-- with out us loosing an hour---SO -- now that we had to "Spring" forward --- DOES--- that mean SPRING is here now!!!!

Organic foods----

I want to know why all "Organic" prepared food people spell there food with these letters----H and S-----===Hot and Spicy and it is usually spelled with two "H's"!!!!
This soup sounded good---but it was sooo spicy and hot that I could not eat it----so later when I was on the computer doing my blogging I had to get out my survival kit--
Mint chocolate chip ice cream and Junior mints to help --( put the fire out )!!!!!!

quilt progress---
Another bom can be marked off my list for March--this one is the Fruit of the Spirit block---

OH Dear when you ain't lookin one goose always gets turned around--the spotted one on the end!!!
See she has a real pretty velvet bow on her neck--these are from the Tilda book and are part of my OPAM challenge for March----SO-- Di-- is marching right along here!!!!

Did you all have a good week end?????
It seems kinda "quite" out there in blog land this week end----every body is "bored" I guess waitin on spring to appear!!!!!

Just "3" more days to find your pot of gold---I bet that is why everybody it soooo quite--you are all looking for your "pot" of gold----good luck!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. We do not have time change here in Amerika Samoa....but our clocks changed we had to go and switch them back. Love the things you have been doing1

  2. I'm rarely between the "job" I've been cleaning and re-organizing my computer/craft room. I tend to pile stuff on tables till it's a mess - not very conducive to creating anything.

    Go check out the pretty cape I made :)

  3. Love that soup, but I do like spicy things. I also love the lentil vegetable.
    Great job on your bom's!

  4. Your blog is always so entertaining! I love coming to check out what you've been into. Good job on all your accomplishments!

  5. I don't care much for spicy things either. I usually make 2 styles of things here. Hubby and the kids love hot stuff but poor Momma's tummy just can't handle it. Not to mention the burning of the taste buds!

    I'm actually happy everyone is having a quiet weekend. I finally got all caught up on my blog reading. A few days ago I was behind over 700 posts. YIKES! That's alot of reading and picture gazing.


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