Monday, March 8, 2010


I was on a "roll" again today---Hey--talking about "rolls"--
My Dad when asked to "pass the rolls-please"--
Would always say--
"Well--get down on the floor and roll!!"
And here is a picture of me and my Dad on my High School graduation day--yes-- see even here I am still "cute"--but where did my blonde curls go???  As we get older everything changes--now it's "grey"!!!! (and as a foote note--I did make the dress!!)

OH now where was I---OH I remember I was on a roll---All this "sunshine" lately--
I got up full of energy---went to Mary's--then came home and cleaned the bathroom--
even mopped the floor---
ran the vacuum in all the rooms--
Refueled --ate lunch--
and went downstairs and did two loads of laundry!!!

Did I sew today--
Well--I did get one pink baby hat finished knitting while down there and a second for this month started---
And last night I got a block done for a bom--
and then late this afternoon I got it all finished--
this is the Sentimental Journey block for March--It did give me a "headache" yesterday--I had decided I wanted to applique the clovers on--
Here is one--
and here is the second one---
very untidy and not to my liking at all--sometimes it's just the fabric--if the fabric is a bit on the heavy side and has large threads -- it just plain frays alot and it is hard to get a nice sharp edge---but I think part of my problem was the way I had traced the pattern--I think on this one if I had done 4 individual leaves I would of done better---but I just went to plan B--and colored the leaf area in with colored pencil and went on--do like how it came out and I can mark one more finish of for this month!!!

And I do have another sampler top started--the First Friday Freebie--like how that is coming along---
Be good tomorrow--(today) and give someone a hug just for the "fun" of it!!!
SHHHHH--bunny is getting all rested up as he is up for next holiday and he will have lots of work to do!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. You did a great job on the block girlfriend! That little bunny is so darn precious!

  2. Great job on your block - and way to go on getting your house work done, too! Love, love, love the little bunny! And - it's so neat to see the picture of you and your dad!

  3. Love the picture of you and your dad. Memories are the best. Boy, you were a busy lady today...

  4. I am into roll these days too,have 32 (and not jelly rolls!),must make and other 32,together with 100s of other things for my big party on March 12.But with help from my DH, DD and DS things are working fine.And as I told somebody everybody gets 1 day older every day :-) :-).
    Happy Quilting to you from Grethe.

  5. Di, I know you said you live in Watkins Glen, just a short distance from where hubby and I were both born and raised. Where were you raised? I'm wondering if we're from relatively the same area.

    As I wrote before, hubby and I were both born and raised in Olean, NY. We lived there until we graduated High School and married a year later........we're talking many moons ago..LOL

  6. I like the picture of you and your Dad. Nice dress :)

    Laundry and cleaning again? Those chores just keep showing up don't they. It seems once you finish cleaning one area, another one needs cleaning!


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