Thursday, March 4, 2010


I decided to do my jelly roll block today---

No not that kind--this one!!
I am  using the brand new line of Rural Jardin for my quilt--they are such neat country colors--and for once I am "on top" of the fabric "hot" line--not a year or two or more behind!!!!
this one was soo  much fun that I got did get "brave" and decided that I will do a "second" quilt using the other jelly roll that I had in the closet--it is the "Santorini" line by Lila Tueller--
this one will be a gift--for Christmas next year--Hey--I can't keep them all!!!!!
so it was fun to sew today on the machine!!!
Mail call--another order came in today--
some more of the Birdie line for my Spring sew in creation--
couple more fabrics of Verna for that collection--was thinking of using that line for this months Schnibbles the Roundabout--but found something else to use that will work better for the Roundabout--now to find something for the Verna!!!
and three just basics for "whatever--whenever" and a new pattern---I never got to fingerpaint when I was little ===so decided I could do some of it now--who said I was "too" old to finger paint??????
This order was from Kelly at Cotton Charms--thanks Kelly!!!

Now I have a problem--both orders are in--already and it is only the 4th of the month--now what---boring---guess I will have to go to the back yard and  do this--
Notice what is in that "bucket" and it ain't flowers---!!!!!!
Have a wonderful Friday--wow--is it really Friday already---ouch!!!!


  1. Your Jelly Roll blocks look great! I already spent my March quilting budget too so I guess I will be in my sewing room till April. :)

  2. Wonderful blocks....and I would love to finger paint too...just wished I had more hours in a day, week or month for that matter!

  3. Not quite Friday, but close. Your fabrics are beautiful and will look beautiful in your projects.

  4. Hi Di! I want to Fingerpaint too! I guess I'd better go pay Kelly a visit. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Fabulous blocks and if my mail man brought me packages like that I would have kissed him!

  6. Yummy fabrics, Di. If you keep up the cute kitties, I'm going to end up with one! Have a nice day - I woke up to more snow!!

  7. Your blocks are looking great! Love the new fabrics :)

  8. love your blocks and i do not think you would ever be bored

  9. Love the "calm" blue in your first block. It's a very lovely contrast to the 9-patch center.

    And green is my favorite color so I love the 2nd block too.

  10. What interesting blocks and the fabric delicious!! quilter

  11. Love your blocks for the Jelly Roll Sampler.


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