Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I know you have all thought that I was sending
 out your "winnings" by carrier pigeon---

But-- I decided not to do it that way--and last night I did get all "11" packages ready to mail and this morning at 10:00 am --I went to the office and Ann weighed them and we put the postage on them all--then I dropped them in our mail box downstairs so  that this guy--
could pick them up and ship them off to your homes---SOOOOO "winners" they really are on their way now--so keep an "eye" out --they will be there one of these days!!!!

I got one of my orders in the mail today---now to decide what to do with it!!!!
No not the "puppy"--he is cute thought---this--
I just had to order this panel--it is my colors and just so cute and very much me!!!!
these three fabrics go with the panel--I love all 3 of them---
This is "why" I got the panel and the fabric--I ordered my Schnibbles for this month --this month's pattern was a little harder to uncover!!!!  I also needed some of the light teal fabric for the Snowbound BOM and I got the airplanes for my girl-friend Anne for her baby blankets!!!
Then I was appliqueing and low and behold the "cleaning bug" bit me!!!!!
"we" decided this "paper" file needed some attention--
See I really did work on it--
And by some kind of  Miracle--I got it done---
I also filed--
everything--even did my bom patterns and made them more organized!!!!
But I think it would of been a "fun" job if "this" guy had helped me out--
-----but then as I look at him--looks like he's the one who needs the "help"??????
After that I was able to set up my new green placemats---they look like spring--at least inside it does!!!!  And please notice the center piece--it is a jar of green striped candy left from---shhhhh--don't tell anyone--left from Christmas!!!!!!
Now I am not sure what "bug" it was that bit me--but he sure bit me good---cause I then continued on--
Cleaned out the fridge while I was cooking supper--did garbage, recycle, etc.
And I even cleaned up the kitchen and washed all the dishes--

NOW--tomorrow I will pay the price for all this work in one day!!!!
QUILT--yes -- I did do alittle --got all the green stems appliqued in the basket block I was working on yesterday--and got a little more done on the cat block!!!

And what did you do today????????

Hugs, Di


  1. Good grief girlfriend! You were on a total roll! Woooooohoooo! Good for you getting so much done!

  2. I need to do what you've done today, but oh well, maybe there are some good fairies who will come and do it for me?!

  3. Wow! What a hard working girl! You deserve a sewing day tomorrow. Today I went to work...boring...

  4. Hello Di, I have done two loads of washing before my morning swim. Just having coffee and reading my friends blogs and then I am going to do some freemotion quilting.
    I did the cleaning thing yesterday. Yuk!!!
    Hugz Maria

  5. The airplane fabric is cute!

  6. You are so busy. The panel you got is so cute. Have fun with the new Shnibbles pattern and fabrics. I have seen so many of the Shnibbles quilts, but have never made one myself.

  7. My, my, were a busy little bee yesterday!

    I love your new panel! I'm hoping my Schnibble gets here today. It looks like it might be an easy pattern this month...hopefully :)

  8. I love super productive times. Last evening I had to take one of my cats, Wendy, to the vet for her booster shot. Didn't get anything fun accomplished.

    Tonight I have to prepare for my interview tomorrow. I'm looking forward to Saturday evening after I clean Gail's house for some ME time :)

  9. Holy Cow Di you were a cleaning whirlwind...good for you!
    Love that panel and all your other fabric choices too :)


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