Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I had one of those days where first I work on this project--
then I would work on that project---
then I would go back and work some more on the first one--
then I would work on another one---
which means---I did alot today--only it's all in pieces!!!!!!!
At 2:00 pm I had a doctor appointment--
I could not believe it when I walked down there--
it is just 1 1/2 blocks from here--
the parking lot was empty--
they had no patients--but me!!!
I had everybody's attention today--the whole time I was there--
Unfortunately--miss Di's blood pressure is still high--
wonder if this is the reason---
and believe it or not --she looks alot like me!!!
Yes--I have a weight problem--but---
this just seems to be me!!!!
I can "starve" myself--and not lose an ounce!!!
the only way for me to lose is to walk--
lots and lots--and because of other health issues--
that is not possible---
So what is the answer?????

Besides I truly feel this is the reason I have some added "puff" to me!!!!!
Does everyone have their 'Hens" a layin them Easter Eggs????????????


  1. Sorry about the high bp! I have the opposite problem, mine is usually very low. At least you didn't have to wait at your appointment! That's always nice! Sounds like you got a lot done too.

  2. A bussy dag. :-) Love the pic with Garfield. I always say I,m not overweigt I'm undertall. Regards

  3. I so agree with Garfield! I'm trying to stick to a low carb diet (which works) - but so boring :(
    I do enjoy carbs:)

  4. I have a tendency to bounce back and forth from one project to another sometimes too.

    I have high blood pressure too. Do you consume a large amount of salt? Excess salt will also keep high blood pressure up there. You also need to cut out pre-packaged food if you eat them. Nitrates also need to be cut out or way back on also. Nitrates are in pre-packaged foods and cold meat.

    Take care!

  5. Garfield's like Ghandi and Mother Theresa! Wise words!LOL

  6. Yep...I'm getting a wee bit puffy myself and I'd like to think it is knowledge! Hee!!

  7. I've been waaay puffy for waaaay too long! I've done all the weight programs and do lose weight; however, I put it all back on. I need to dedicate myself to a good nutrition regimen and stay there for the rest of my, the next 50 years! Anyhoo,sorry you've got HBP! I'm on pressure meds as well...somehow, I've got to prevail and get this fat off me, then no more pressure meds. vbg!

  8. Oh I just love Garfield! Such a wise kitty.
    My BP is up too, oh bother!
    Do take care Di and hugs!

  9. Never mind Di we all have down days and cannot seem to seettle on a project.



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