Friday, March 19, 2010


In the Newspaper today--the head line reads--

Beware of low-flying birds in the hallway of the second floor level at the Jefferson Village apts!!!!!
We have been told here at the news center that a bird or two has been spotted flying from Apt #07 to Apt #18 and back again--Here's Di with the "scoop"!!
Well--Mr Reporter--it is really quiet simple---Little sister bought us each a Pretty tin bird--one in a pretty blue and one in a green---I had my pick first--and picked the blue one--she took the green one!!!   But for some unforseen reason--the birds were not "happy" in their new homes---so they flew around and exchanged places to live!!!
And I am happy to report that as of today--they both seem to be happier!!
See the green bird does look more at home here with the colors in the items in the background!!!!

I actually got outside today and little sister and I went to the Quilt shop and then to lunch---this is what I got at the Quilt shop--

I love this piece of fabric and there is other fabrics in these greens and purples in the line--but I got this one to see if it will go with some hand-piecing blocks I have done in a class and need to finish one of these years!!!!!
And I got 3--1/3yard pieces of the new Blush line--I just love these three--sorta have something in mine for them--BUT???????
When I got back here,my order from Cotton Charms was in and this is what I got from them--

3-1/2 yard cuts of the Whimsy fabric to go with what I won from Kelly for the Quilt I am designing--at least I have something on paper--that I want to try!!!!

I also ordered this Honey bun---can anyone tell me which one it is?????  You never know--there might be a prize here for the correct answer!!!!!
Update on my Mary---
I went down at my usual time--and look what I found there--

Now these are not fake flowers--they are real---and they are really "bright" colors---WOW!!!!  
As for Mary--she was not as good today as Yesterday--but was trying to be OK for everyone who is coming to visit and who is calling--her phone rings constantly--but now her DD answers it to see if Mary needs to talk to them or not---I can not tell you how much I admire this Lady!!!

Also while down to Mary's I took a picture of this stone--
One of her granddaughters gave her this glass paper weight  last year sometime--It is a real pretty thing to look at and you see something different every time you pick it up and study it!!!
Now in all this ---did "Di" get any work done today????  She says --Yes I did !!!!
I got the rest of the tops to the Easter place mats stitched and everything is ready for me to finish putting them together tomorrow---hopefully!!!!
And I got the backing and batting on this months -- Roundabout--and I even got it basted--so I may get this one quilted this month--on time!!!!
Thank you to everyone who is praying for Mary and her family--and me--it is a hard one--it is hard for me to know when to go see her--and if there is something else I may be able to do for her----Or--is this where I back off and leave her to her family time now--so many questions!!!!

OH NO--we are at a week end again---we have had a wonderful week of sunshine and warm temps--and can you believe now they are telling us "snow" is coming on Monday--Crazy!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. I am sorry to read about your friend and her fight with cancer. She is very blessed to have you as a friend. I will be praying for you and for her and her family. Prayer is a wonderful gift. As I struggled with my cancer I truly felt the prayers of others. May you both find peace in this journey and may the memories of a beautiful friendship bless you.

  2. As I read your blog regularly, you never cease to amaze me. You are creative and make beautiful projects and you are a wonderful friend. Mary is very lucky that you care for her, and I wish you both all the best

  3. You sure are a busy lady Di. Keeping your friend Mary company when she needs it most.

    Still finding time to shop and sew as well.

  4. It is so hard having a friend go through all that yours is dealing with. She is so fortunate to have you. Bless your heart!

    The little green bird caught my that little guy and the new fabs are awesome too but oh that little bird!

    Oh Cherry Oh....what will you make? :0)

    In thoughts today as always....Happy Quilting Day.

  5. For once I know what fabric line that is lol. It is Oh Cherry Oh and I LOVE it! I've made a couple quilts from a jelly roll.

    The rest of your fabric purchases are gorgeous too. Lots of new fabrics coming into your house this month, huh?

    I think Mary and her family will let you know when it is time to give them their family time. Since Mary called looking for you the other day, I don't think it is time yet. It sounds like Mary enjoys your time together and would miss you terribly if you didn't stop by for tea each day. I think she also truly enjoys seeing your projects and what you have completed.


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