Friday, March 26, 2010


I had to take a little trip today--to the Dentist for a cleaning--and my dentist is an hour drive from here!!!  So it makes for a trip!!  And some people would get all excited cause the girl-friend who took me had a new Van that she got a couple months ago--and I do have to say that it is a nice riding Van--and I know how much most people "love" the smell of a new vehicle -- I used too---but unfortunately now my "body" can not take the "chemicals" that help cause the "new" smell---BUT I am happy to say I made it down and back---I do have to go back next Friday to have a front tooth fixed--but other wise I was a good girl today!!!!
On the way home we saw this huge pile of sticks and wondered if beavers had made it--so as I had my camera with me--she turned around and we went back and I took some pictures--
And as you can see--these beavers even like to drink the vitamin drinks--need to keep those teeth strong----
And here is looking over the bridge!!!

Then as were coming back closer to town up on the hill is this tree--I have "admired" this tree for years and have wanted to photo it for a long time--so--she pulled over and I finally have a couple nice pictures--and look at the color of that sky--just beautiful!!

OH--and little "guy" went with us--he mostly slept--but as we pulled into here to let me off -- he says--"look at what is hanging off my nose???"--well out came the camera again--what can I say!!!!!!
I did work on this piece of the Patchables this afternoon--
And now it is ready for finishing--I also got the third one started--but I am getting "antsy" to do some machine work--so maybe tomorrow--that is where you will find me????

As for my friend Mary--she is still hanging on--but they say she mostly sleeps all the time now--she has had alot of family coming to see her--so she needs what little strength she does have for them--so I do not see her--but do think of her all day and pray for her all day--and I miss her!!!
Laugh time!!!
Q..What does the Easter rabbit get for making a basket???

A...Two points just like everybody else??
Q... What do you call a dumb bunny??

A..A hare brain!!!!
Q..How many hairs in a rabbit's tail????

A..None--they're all on the outside!!!!
And in case you are not really laughing yet--try this one on for size!!!!


Hugs, Di


  1. Hi Di...
    I just love your tales of your day's adventure. All the jokes brought a smile to my face, but the funniest thing of all is the little "guy" showing you what's on his nose! lol...don't you just love how children just steal your heart? I love children. My children are older teens now and they still crack me up! (just in time for, lol) Oh, alright, I'm not funny! smile


  2. Sounds like you had a nice day even if it was going to the Dentist. Mine is 30mins away. We've been going to the same guy for 36 years now. We just didn't want to switch when we moved so we keep going back there.

    Don't you just love the Patch Abilities patterns? So cute.

  3. Oh girl, YOU had a very busy day too! Love those photos, esp. the tree. You're quite a photographer. Your jokes made me chuckle out loud. Thank you!

  4. Good for you! Ya might as well turn a trip to the dentist into a fun daytrip! Thanks for sharing your photos. I rearely leave the house without a camera. I went to a baby shower the other night, and NO one else thought to bring a camera! I guess it's the scrapbooker in me. And now that I blog.........

  5. Dentist you fun there! :0)
    Thanks for letting us know about your friend. I'm sending up some additional prayers for her and family (even you).

  6. Prayers are still going up for your friend.

    Your Patchabilities block is coming along nicely! I lie how you take your camera with you to document your day.

  7. Looks like you had an enjoyable drive and fun stopping to take your great pictures.

    Think of all the happy times you have spent with your friend Mary and I am sure it will make you smile. Big Hugz Maria

  8. Just finished catching up with all I missed on your blog. You have been very busy with some great things.
    Okay that last cartoon with the toothbrush and toilet paper made me laugh out loud. so funny.


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