Monday, March 29, 2010

"Mom" can I---

Mom--My homework is done--the dishes are washed and I got my shower--can I "Please" play on the Internet and see what all my blog friends are up too??????

One block of the Patchables is done--I did add a "kitty"!!!!  the Strawberries are buttons as is the flower--
Here the tulips are buttons and the two tools in the buckets are buttons--
and the wheels on the wagon are buttons as is the sun in both of these!!!
And the center one is always a birdhouse (that is probably "why" I fell in love with these to begin with)---the holes on the birdhouses are buttons that I added in stead of applique circles--and the eggs in the basket are buttons---
And now all three on the frame and in there new home till the summer set is made and ready to display!!!!

I believe that all my BOM's for March are done--all my challenges met for the OPAM challenge and for the Charming guys and girls Club--and I even got some other projects done and was able to add  them to the list--I was feeling rather "proud" of myself today--cause I also finished the top--you know the "top" I designed with my winnings for Kelly--when it Hit me---

I have only gotten 2--almost 3--baby hats knitted out of my 4 I am committed to do--luckily I have 2 days yet--will finish the 3rd one when I get off here and start the 4th one--hopefully!!!!

and then there has been the Jelly Roll club--done--except for todays--
and the Round Robin club--have started last Mondays design--so I am saying I am not behind on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--yet???????????????
Q...How do you know when you're eating rabbit stew???

A....When it has hares in it!!!
Q...what do you call a rabbit who tells jokes?????

A...A funny bunny!!!!
Q....what do you call rabbits that live at the North Pole?????

Q.....What's a rabbit's favorite dance?????

A...The Bunny Hop of course!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di

PS  Little sister and I have to go to doctor appts 2 hours away tomorrow afternoon--
Soooo--if we do not post tomorrow--it will be because we are "too tired" or" too headachy" to post--but we will be back on Wednesday!!!


  1. They are soooooooooooo cute. I love all the buttons and extra touches you put on them. I hope the doctor is kind to you, remember to have your lollipop(chocolate)afterward.

  2. Love your "Patchables" project and the "cat" is
    absolutely perfect! They are darling! Isn't it amazing what a few accessories can do to a project be it quilting, stiching or whatever. I am so amazed at all your accomplish. Good luck at the Drs.

  3. I love your little patchables mini quilts. They are just adorable. You did so many projects this month. I would be proud too. Hugs Ariane

  4. All the best at the doctors tomorrow, Lovely post today though! love the bunny jokes!

  5. The mini quilts are wonderful -I love the details.

  6. Your Patchables are adorable! I love all the cute little buttons. I do love buttons :)

    Good luck at the doctor's. Is there going to be a stop at a store on the way home?

  7. Your Patchables are lovely and well done for doing all your projects.

    Hope all went well at your apps.

    Hugz, Maria

  8. Hope all goes well at your Dr's appt.

  9. Too cute - love that birdhouse! And, thanks for the bunny giggles LOL!

  10. awww - What a sweet bunny picture :)

    Where the heck did you get those cool display racks? I've never seen anything like that.

    And yes, I'm crazy alright - forever dragging junk home that other people throw away!! But it's so much fun.

    Doctor visits usually wear me out; take it easy tomorrow afternoon.


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