Saturday, March 6, 2010


ARE we working--yet???
Went to  a Breakfast downstairs at 9:00 this morning that the Housekeeping staff made for us--now how "great" is that--and they had everything!!!

THEN came home an finished this--
the second "Catalious" block---oh how I love these blocks---the little cat face is just sooo sweet and round--he reminds me of "me"--My face shape is also round!!!!
And If you are having trouble downloading this block--you need to click on the actual pictures--then you can print them out!!

Then I got these stitched--
Had to tack down all the rick rack stems before I can sew them together with the other blocks--by that time is was 10:30--
So went to Mary's and we had our tea and a visit!!

Then came home and worked alittle on the computer--then it was--
LUNCH time!!!  AH--NO--I did not eat the above--just had  my yogurt, PB&J sandwich and some veggie chips!!!
Now I am refueled and ready to go to the sewing room---see ya later!!!!!


  1. I love your kitty block. I am almost done with month one and hope to get this started right after.

  2. You are really so busy )) But all job is done and it is great you can be busy with what you like ))) This is a life, isn't it ? )))

  3. Your kittie block came out great as expected :)

    That picture of lunch would be way too much for me to eat but your lunch sounds good. Love PB&J!!

    Your flowers look like they are ready to bloom :)

  4. Oh Di!
    I am so excited ... just finally went to the mailbox.... I know, I know It's late. But I got up this morning with the notion that I should completely redo my sewing room... well you know how that turns out. I still have a l-o-n-g way to go. Being "one of those creative persons", as my husbland puts it, I can already see how beautiful it will be..... Well anyway, back on subject----- I got my sweet prize that you sent me. Love it! And the little extra prize you slipped in was priceless... and yummy grape.... sucking on it now. Thanks for the little sweet treat.

  5. What is your secret on how to get your blog so cute?

  6. Hi Diane
    Thank you for your visit on my blog!
    Your second Brutus block is very different from mine but so soft. All the blocks are personal, it's good!


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