Monday, March 22, 2010


Yep--we are gonna "talk" about pillows tonight--now don't anyone go to sleep on me---at least not till you finish reading my post!!!
There are pillow fights--I miss having them!!!
Pillow talk--Ah--I remember them too--but now sure if they were "good" ones or not???
Some of us like to snuggle on a pillow--
Some of us like to get our "crown" and be photoed on a pillow!!!!
Some of us just like to take them apart---
And some of us just like to decorate with them---
Guess I fall into the last picture here---BUT---look---
Here is my -----opps----wrong side-----
Presenting the lastest Pillow to my "collection"---the Oopise Daisy design by Jenny ---I just LOVE, LOVE LOVE it---thank you Jenny---
the funny thing is---last Friday little sister and I went to the Quilt shop and for whatever reason I came out with the 3 pieces of the new "Blush" line--having "no" clue that I would use them sooooo soon---but here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it goes "perfect" in this rocking chair--even the quilt on the back goes with it--but I am hoping that next months Schnibbles will look great made up in the charm packs of the "blush" line--( I do not have these charm packs -- of course--so it would mean???)

Then as the little half square triangle pieces where all sorted on the cutting table -- I said--ok you "guys" are next in line--
And out came another "pillow"---this one will go nice with the Roundabout Schnibbles quilt for this month that I am in the process of hand quilting---and I did get alot more of the quilting done on the that today too!!!!
So--did you like my "Pillow Story"?????


My last order for this month came in today and here is my goodies---
Finally got the rest of the fabric I needed to do a project or two with the Authentic line of fabrics---
the flower one on the left is just because I liked it --but will probably go in my Civil war collection---and the little flowered one is from the Hatfield line and I have a couple charm packs of that and a solid plum to go with them--soo----
And these two just "chirped" there way into my heart!!!


To all my blog friends out there who are praying for my wonderful Mary--
I was unable to see her again today and fear that I will not see her again--it is now just family time for her--she is not good at all--I just pray that that----
If you would like to see my Mary at the top of the page on the right in my blog list I have added a link to a site that I created for her and her family some months ago--
Hugs, Di


  1. Have just prayed again for Mary...and for you, sweetheart. {{{hugs}}}
    The cushion is gorgeous! Blush really is such a pretty fabric line...wish I'd bought more. :-)
    I love the Authentic fabrics - I keep looking at them but never hit that 'purchase' button. LOL!

  2. I love the bird fabrics! How could they not chirp their way in to your heart? Prayers and hugs to you and Mary.

  3. I love your two pillows. They are adorable. I am so glad to see you got some Authentic fabrics. Can't wait to see what you make with them. All your new fabric looks fabulous!! I will say another prayer for you and your friend Mary. I hope you have a great night! Hugs Ariane

  4. Love your pillows - well done! And still praying for Mary...



  5. I love your pillows too especially the triangles one. What a nice page you've made for Mary. She reminds my of my mom (who I lost in 2003) Lots of prayers are being sent her way from me too.

  6. Terrific pillows! I love how you used your left over pieces from roundabout and turned them into a pillow :)

  7. Prayers and hugs to your friend Mary. And I just love the little pillow with your bonus triangles. It's too cute!

  8. Lovely pillow, Di. You get so much done - I feel like a snail ...
    Bunch of hugs,

  9. Thinking of you all at this sad time Di.

    Sewing is good therapy. Even the back of your pillow is nice.

  10. My deepest prayers and thoughts for you and Mary. Maybe she would be so please to have a pillow.

    Di - when our daughter went to Heaven, at the tender age of 12, we each gave her a momento we wanted her to have with her. Our son gave her his baseball cap, our other daughter gave her the homemade Amish doll, we gave her a family photo of the five of us. And we also made sure she had her baby afghan with her.

    My truly deep-hearted love coming your way.

    Blessings from the heart, Di.

  11. 2 great pillows,I always love flowers the best.
    Still hope for the best for Mary.
    Thinking about you in this difficult time.

  12. Oh, that is just so sad about Mary, I know your heart is feeling very sad.
    On a happier note, I really like those pillows. Great job. That Jenny is so talented and you made her design just pop.

  13. You make so many lovely things, everyday I have to visit you ( a pleasure) and see whats new. I'm so sorry for Mary and for you. Kindest regards from Sweden


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