Saturday, March 13, 2010


It did not rain "cats n dogs" here--so I still don't have one!!!!

AND as for my "elephant"--the quilt rack--guess what????
It is still just sittin there--nobody has touched it or the quilt that is on it---what are we gonna do with that "Di"????/

Have to say today was "rather" boring after all the sewing and "goodies" coming in the mail this past week---but I did get this finished--
This is last month's technically speaking--but Val hasn't posted this months yet---so I am caught up---right????

And this morning I went to Mary's--

Then I came in the door and "grabbed" a load of laundry---and back down I went--and I need a "metal" of some sorts as I managed to do 3--yep---3 loads of laundry today--so that was my whole afternoon--up and down the stairs--folding and hanging and sorting and putting away----BORING!!!!
Now this would of been sooo much more to my liking--what about you?????
Are we having fun Yet?????

Be good and have a great Sunday--
Hugs, Di


  1. I love the block you made. It looks great! I love your Scnibbles top. It is wonderful.

  2. Ugh...laundry day! It seems to come around too often. I know it's on my to do list today.

    Yesterday was spent grocery shopping and taking the kids to the little carnival up the street. After all the rain we had it was a muddy mess but the kids had fun.


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