Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well--the birds have been chirping for rain--and so we gave them some for the last couple days--and a bunch of them had alot of fun in a big puddle across the street--so I think they are happy campers, now!!!!!
As it was Tuesday today--it was Anne's day to come and quilt--she worked on a big lap quilt and I worked on my Roundabout--
After she left and I had some lunch--I did do "yesterdays" job--the laundry--so that is now done for another week--and I will be "clean"!!!!
then I quilted some more and while Little sister was here doing her post tonight I also quilted on it--
Think I just have 3 more of the main roundabout blocks to do--then the borders!!!

And guess what I found---more pillow ideas---
You can prop up baby on them---
You can let a baby--yawn--on them---
You can count sheep while laying on them---
You can have a birthday cake on them---
(decided that must be only dogs like pillow---no cats--??)
OPPPs---i tryed to tell Rover that he would get into trouble if he kept playing with that pillow--but he didn't listen by the looks!!!!
And you can "stack" them up in a rocking chair at Di's house!!!!
And you can use one to actually "sleep" on--and that is where I am headed!!!!!

Nighty Night!!!!!  Hugs, Di
PS--Mary is in her final days--she is mainly sleeping now all the time--Oh how I am going to miss our times together--
Thank you all soo very much for your prayers, thoughts, emails, and wishes for this very unhappy time in my life--I really don't know if I could be making it through this if not for your love and support--Bless you all!


  1. I'll say a prayer for you and your friend.

  2. Prayers that you and Mary are both at peace.

    Hugs, sunny

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mary- you are a wonderful friend and can be very proud of that. She knows that, and loves you for it.

  4. Di,
    Your pillows are gorgeous! Don't forget to send a pic to Jenny! She would love seeing them! Have a wonderful night!


  5. I adore those lambs!
    Love and prayers for you and Mary.

  6. Thought I'd stop on by and say Hello and let you know blessings are coming your via the cyber world.

  7. Thinking of you at this sad time.

    Maybe you need to put your head on one of your lovely pillows and have a sleep.

    Hugz, Maria

  8. Sleep well Di, and may God fill you with His peace...


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