Sunday, March 21, 2010


I did keep busy though---
And here is a finish that I did last night before bed!!!
I actually got the second block of Val's bom done--so now I am all caught up---good for me!!! (we will not count the bom's patterns that I am collecting for my "some-day" pile!!!!!!)
Then this morning I did hand quilt a couple blocks on Roundabout--the Schnibbles pattern for this month--

Then--went to the work room and worked on these--
They are the corner pieces from the Roundabout--
This is what I got after I squared them up to 1 1/2 inch square blocks--
Now they are all in nice little piles--all ready for----ah---actually I am not sure yet--do have an idea or two--but????????

Then Jenny asked "us" blog readers to join her in doing a table runner--she is calling 
"Ului"using her "Oopsie Daisy" pattern to help her get through the cyclone that is to hit her area this week end---
And here is where mine is at---
Only I hope Jenny won't mind--but I decided on a pillow for my rocking chair--as the color of fabric -- Blush line--is perfect for it!!!!

Then I walked to our Health food store for my organic apple sauce for breakfast--was a nice walk--birds were a singin--and I did see some pretty Crocus up in a couple yards and there is buds (tiny) on the forsythia bushes finally!!!
MARY--update--not good--she was too ill for me to go and see her today!!!
And that is why I have kept busy--but on the sad side!!!

Well--are we ready to start another week???????
See ya tomorrow---
Yippee---more quilting to do tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. I don't know Mary.... but she seems to be very important to you now she has a nice comfy spot on my prayer list. Besides----- God knows who she is and what she needs.., and that's enough for me.

  2. Yes, I am praying for Mary also...God bless her; also prayers sent up for her family and friends...friends like you.
    big, big hugz,
    oh, I do love your half square triangle blocks and the oopsy daisy pillow will be really gorgeous!
    take care and see you later this week!

  3. You're the second one today doing that BOM. I'm gonna start that one too. It looks like a really nice one.

  4. Hi,
    your blog allways put a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig smile on my face.Thank you for being here for us.

    Keep sewing and smiling,

  5. Hi Di,
    Your sewing is lovely. Please send Mary our love and prayers. I pray that God will give her strength.
    It is good to keep busy, and soon you'll have the next borders of the round robin to do too... I just finished mine. I will take a photo and post it tomorrow - I have internet again! Yay!

  6. Wow you sure have been keping very busy. Lots of beautiful projects you are working on Di.

    Sorry to hear your friend Mary is not well. Keep your chin up.
    Hugz, Maria

  7. Another productive day for you! I've been saving all my left overs from different quilts. I also have a bunch of 1.5" hst. I'm curious to see what you plan on doing with yours. I haven't gotten any exciting ideas for mine yet. Until I do I will just keep on collecting them.

    I'm sorry to hear Mary had another bad day. I'll keep her and you in my thoughts.

  8. Whew! those are some tiny blocks.
    so sorry to hear about Mary. Will say a prayer.

  9. Keep quilting Di. Holding positive thoughts and prayers for Mary.

  10. You always find such a variety of pictures to add to your blog!

  11. Good Evening....Mary isn't a friend of mine but because your writings....I feel sad as well. I'm guessing your doing the right thing by keeping busy....still yet I know your heart is aching. Take care


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