Monday, March 15, 2010


Remember that little sister had company all last week---and therefore she had "wheels" and a "driver" to take her shopping!!! We got to talking about Easter decorations the one day and she mentioned that CVS drug store had a cute fur chocolate rabbit like the ones we used to get in our Easter baskets when we were young--(wonder now if I ever was really "young"???) Back to the story--Di--
Anyways I asked her to pick me up one---
And he did look a lot like this one here--even an eye that looked like the candy eyes ours had!!!
  UNFORTUNATELY----he also smelled like "chocolate"!!!  Now you have really thought that "Di" has lost it--if he smelled like chocolate that should be a "good" factor not bad!!!
But you see they use a "chemical" to smell like chocolate---and "Di" and chemicals do not get along at all-------
So chocolate bunny went back to the store and was exchanged for this---
Ain't he cute?????  He is good sized to and all metal--and I can use him all year around--so guess I made out --OK!!!!
For today's Adventures I got two more loads of laundry done--this was all the bedding and I even got my mattress turned over-- SO don't tell the "laundry police" but my wash is all caught up---WOW!!!
Got the second pink baby hat knitted today and started a baby blue one while doing the washing--
And last night I got the Bouquet bom by Jenny done--mine are not as pretty as her's yet--as I wait until I have them all put into a quilt and quilted--before adding beads and bows and trims!!!
Two more days to find those "pots" of gold---keep looking!!!!



  1. It seems that the chocolate bunnies just aren't the same any more. My kids don't even ask for them any more. I think you found something better than a chocolate bunny that would have been eaten and gone.

    More laundry? My you have been very busy doing the wash.

  2. Adore the bird :) I used to love the chocolate bunnies - only thing was, I couldn't bear to eat them! And my last fluffy chicks got nicked off the table and adopted by one of the dogs I had a few years ago. Sort of got licked OUT of shape!

  3. Oh I love your chicken! Much better than a bunny. And your BOM block is beautiful! Can't wait to see more.


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