Saturday, March 20, 2010


Eggs---these "things" are on everybody's minds these days--
My mother was always telling me--don't put all your "eggs" in one basket!!!
And there is the saying about--having egg on your face!!!
And our grandmother's used to have what they called "egg money"!!
And we hear talk of "laying" the golden egg!!!!
and jokes about the chicken who crossed the road!!!!
And then the ever-ending debate of which came first--the egg or the chicken????

SOOOOO----I have an egg story tonight---
One of my goals was to make Easter place mats and some stuffed (fabric) eggs---
Sounded simple---
And I did get these done--
Four placemats--but I also had some of them "crack" on me--
Can you see where the "crack" is in this one???? so out comes the seam ripper and we fixed it--so "who" says you can't fix a cracked egg????

Then we had some "wonky" wanna be eggs---
Only for some reason there "outer" shell did not make it---think they look like "footballs" or something!!!!!!
So we went to Plan 2--and we got these --sorta "eggs"---
At least they look a little "bit" more "eggy" than the others--but they are not "round" like an egg--oh well--hopefully the Easter Bunny won't notice!!!
Actually--this is my "favorite" kind of egg--anyways---in Dark Chocolate----
What about you?????

Today was National Quilt day--so I hope everybody did some quilting?????  You see what I got done or finished--and tomorrow Plan A is to decorate for Easter!!!!!

I did go to the Quilt shop today--but will tell about that tomorrow---

As for my Mary--i did go down this morning -- she loved the purple fabric--bless her!!  But she is just not doing well--so please keep praying for her--she works soooo hard at being "happy" smiling and upbeat---but you can tell how much it costs her to do that!

Bless you---Hugs, Di


  1. I bet your visit to Mary's really does help lift spirits more than you'll ever know. Keep being the good friend....bless you both.

  2. What a fun post Di! I think you and I enjoy the same favorite eggs, the dark chocolate ones that is. hee,hee,hee.
    Happy Quilting Day!
    hugs and friends,

  3. Mmm - I like milk chocolate or white chocolate best! Love the Easter layout.
    I'm sure Mary is glad of your visits and you bring her joy. A good friend is just as comforting as family. Thinking of you both.

  4. I love the Cadbury eggs and the peanut butter filled eggs. Unfortunately due to a milk allergy I can no longer eat chocolate :(

    I wanted to make the stuffed fabric eggs last Easter but never got around to it. Don't think it will happen this year either lol. Maybe I will make some decoupaged eggs this year...

    Love the placemats! So bright and fun. I've had those seam problems too many times to count.


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