Thursday, March 18, 2010


But first I want to thank everyone who left me a comment last night---I sooo needed those thoughts and prayers and I do have to say that they are working a little bit--as Mary was alittle better today--IN fact--can you believe she had her daughter call me about 11 am this morning because I had not gotten down there yet--and she was worried about "ME"--now to me that "takes the cake" as they say!!!

The reason I was late was because all day yesterday and then again this morning I was working to finish my "Spring sew in" quilt--as Mary, and her daughter, Mary helped me with the  colors and some of the placements of the blocks and I really wanted to finish it so they could see it---they also named the quilt for me--and I have added to the name---
SO--without further to-do---May I present to you---
             MARY'S SUNNY BUNNY---

this is Mary holding it for me!!!
And this is daughter Mary--tryin to hide behind it!!!

I still need to add a couple more buttons or beads in the centers of a couple flowers--just could not find what I was looking for--so glad I have soooo many buttons that "never" are the right ones!!!!!!!!  I keep thinking that I have enough "embellishments" for my projects---wrong!!!!

Have a funny story about the border--as you can see I did a small curve on each side--so I cut the binding on the bias--well--guess there is a different "rule" for cutting "stripe" bias fabric---I have enough stripes to do a second quilt binding--as only every other one matched so the stripes were going in the same directions--funny really!!!

Today I was even able to get my last bom finished for March--
the Snowbound block --these are such cute blocks!!!

We have had some great Sunny warm days here---scary--really---and I did today get out side in the sun for 10 minutes--good for me --hu?????
And I did find some tiny flowers in bloom---actually they are "weeds"--but we won't tell any one at this point--it's a "peek" of spring---PERIOD!!!!
(ps--gotta tell the photo gal she needs to reread how to take out door pictures again--after only taking inside ones for so many months!!!)

That's all folks--see ya tomorrow!
Hugs, Di


  1. Your little quilt is so pretty. So glad to hear that your friend is doing better.

  2. I love Mary's Sunny Bunny! Very springy!

  3. Hi Di! I must have missed your post yesterday, I didn't see that Mary was ill...I'm so glad she's a bit better today!

    Your quilt is's so fun and cheerful! I bet that helped your friend feel better! :-)

  4. Hi Di!
    I'm happy that Mary is feeling better. The quilt is beautiful and I love that you search until you find just the "right" button! lol...

  5. Mary should be very happy with her Sunny Bunny, and I'm sure she treasures having you as a friend!

  6. Very,very cute quilt and I am sure that Mary will love it.. I love bunnies..

  7. So glad Mary is feeling better. The quilt is so cute - happy colours.

  8. I'm not telling anyone they're weeds. LOL

    What a treasure to name your quilt after Mary.

  9. Happy to hear that Mary is feeling a bit better. Funny that she was calling for you wondering if you were OK.

    Your Spring quilt turned out beautifully!

  10. Love your Easter Quilt and I am pleased your friend Mary is feeling better.

    Have a great weekend!!

  11. What a sweet quilt for Spring! I am glad to hear that Mary is doing better... she must be quite a fighter, bless her heart!


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