Friday, March 12, 2010


Missing one kitten---I mean Shell from the Raspberry Rabbits said that I won--
the Kit and Kaboodle!!!!!

Soooo I opened the package that came--- and took this out--
OH how pretty--- then I looked into the box --
to find the Kit--ten---but the box was "empty" now---Oh well--let's check out the --
Kaboodle part---
Oh my---look at all the goodies to make this pattern with---
I love the pattern--and the fabrics are to die for--and look at the pretty pearls to use on it--and do you see the cute bunny card with a needle on it---and the thread---I have been wanting to try the Valdani thread for a while now---so now I can do that!!!!

This cute little spool of thread reminds me of the little spools that my Mom had and she used them to crochet edgings on hankies--I have some of them--
In this big jar on my fabric cupboard---and the little lion pincushion was her's for many many years--and he looks a little worn--but I still keep him--he has straw-like filling--so know he's "older than the hills"!!!!

I had planned to spend the afternoon in the laundry room---but there was a "line" and they were all using "very smelly" things to clean and soften the clothes--so that "plan " got put on Hold!!!! and I did Plan B--One part of that was going to the quilt shop for a couple things to work on this months schnibbles with-- and then I came home and got the top all done-------
I used two parts of leftover charm packs---Objects of Desires and Flower Baskets--they seemed to go together real well--but there was only enough for the top blocks and none left for the borders--so--on came the old---
Light bulb ideas and off I went and I am not showing you the finish top just yet---will do the quilting first!!!!!   But wait till you see it!!!!!
I do have to say--matching the points did get my seam ripper "hot"--but it was well worth the effort--It does look nice!!!!  I did "my" mitered corners again on this one!!
Well--I must admit to being really tired tonight for some reason--so that's all for tonight!!
Now I see why there was NO kitty in the box--she has her ears "covered" and she did not hear Shell calling her!!!!!!!!!!!
She probably really likes playing with all Shell's bunnies -- too!!!


  1. Too cute, Diane! Here kitty, kitty!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Always enjoy the clipart....amazes me how much time spent finding it.
    Your Roundabout is wonderful and now you have me curious about the border! Hmmm...I'll be back.

  3. I popped over here thinking I was going to see the border. Hmmph! Guess I will have to wait a bit. The top looks great so far though. Love the bright fresh colors.

    I don't care to be around all those smelly fragrances either. Bothers my asthma.

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Can't wait to see that border Di!
    "yummy" goodies even without a kitty :(
    Happy weekend to you too!


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