Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As I told you yesterday--little sister and I had doctor appts at the same place--which was a 2+ hours drive north of here to the big city of Syracuse, NY---it was to see our Environmental doctor for the MCS we have!!!  I am not sure really "why" we go--they never really "help" us with how to avoid things that make us "ill"--they mainly just do a routine check up with us and document everything--but they do do alot of insurance, and other kinds of paper work--so it is worth going--plus they "never" tell us it is all in our heads--or that we "look" healthy soo what's the problem????

I have been going there for 12 years = once a year---and in the past I have seen a couple very young-college age girls come in in these--

Yep--with gas masks on--they are so sensitive to chemicals in the air that we breathe--
and some day this could even be me---ouch!!!
But today we seen a young fellow--
Like this fellow and he was with his very pregnant wife there--they called his name as we were about to leave and he stood up--and up and up--
and he was all--all legs---thin--tall---he had to duck to enter the door ways---I bet he could of played this sport--
 But he never would of had to jump--he could just stand under the basket and "hand" it in everytime!!!!
OH--how tall was his wife you ask-- she might have reached his waist--remember I said "might"--she was not very tall--maybe 5'3 or so!!!!
So my big adventure today was seeing the World's Tallest Man!!!
This is the friend who drove us up there--Her name is Mary Claire and she is always "funny"--
Here is the building we went in--
This is a painting that is just inside the doors --- Mary Claire and I stopped to study it on the way out--I decided I was "good" enough to have done this one---but--I will stick to Quilting!!!!
Here is the tree that was right beside the doors--it had some kind of buds or berries from last year on it--in oranges--was pretty tree!!!
And this is one of the buildings we saw on the way home near Alburn or in Alburn--we went up one way and came home a different way---
NO--no stops at Quilt shops--that had been Plan A when another girl-friend was going to take us up--but?????

OK here is the "unveiling" of my new design--

Named--"Kellys Honey of a Charm"--this is using the winnings from Kelly last month and some 1/2 cuts added-- all from the "Whimsy" line by Janna Figueroa of Fig Three & Co. ---now who wants to quilt this for me????
AND guess what--another design "burned" into the brain tonight just before I got on here--so out came the pad and I jotted it done--think the next one will look nice in the Verna line I have collected!!!!---so if I am going to design some of these quilts--who is going to do my bom months and challenges for me???????

NOPE this joke bunny is not done yet---

Q...What do you get when you cross a rabbit with an elephant????

A...An elephant who never forgets to eat his carrots!!!!!
Q...How are rabbits like calculators?????

A...They multiply really fast!!!!!!
Q...Why can't a rabbit's nose be twelve inches long????

A...Because then it would be a foot!!!!!!!!
Q...How can you tell which rabbits are the oldest in a group??????

A...Just look for the gray hares!!!!!
Hugs, Di
Have a great day tomorrow---


  1. Love the new design. So write it down so we all can play. Hee hee,
    we'll be patient. L,A-

  2. Love the changes on your blog,for Easter this time. It inspires me to really go on. Planning to do lots of a Garden`s Journal during the holidays. Just love the stitchery :o)
    Happy Quilting Easter to you.

  3. Love the Whimsy quilt! That is adorable!

  4. Hopping you have a good day....ooh, I mean HOPING (LOL)

  5. I hope you had a great day! I love the new quilt design!

  6. Glad that long trip is behind you for another year!
    Love the new design!!
    Cute jokes too will share with my grands!!!I have a nephew who is almost 7 ft tall. We have always called him our Baby Great Dane!!

  7. Sounds like you had a great day even though you had to go tio the doctors.

    Do neither Little Sis or you drive???

    Love your new quilt.

  8. Your blog is so much fun. Are you sensitive to whatever it is they put in fabric? A fellow quilter just sneezes and sneezes if the fabric hasn't been washed. But it doesn't make her seriously ill thank goodness.

  9. glad you were able to find the fun in your trip, love the quilt, beautiful!!!

  10. FUNNY! LOL!

    I like that quilt top!

  11. Easter isn't very far away now. Does your apartment complex have a dinner for you guys?

    Your quilt is beautiful! You're going to have lots of people asking for the pattern.

    It's nice that you and sister could find things to look at on your long drive. They can get pretty boring. Did you take any handwork with you?

    I'm sure somehow you will find a way to fit everything into your schedule. Only if you don't join in anymore BOM lol


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