Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yep!!!! I got something on the "bright" side to show you all--
Now I know that this project is not that "bright" to some of you--but--
to me it is!!!!!!   READY---
See all the "bright" fabrics I am using in the Round Robin quilt club rows??????
And I forgot to show you all where I am getting the fabrics to make this quilt--
They are all coming from this "stash" tote---I have 4 of these under my cutting dresser--this one has alot of 2 1/2 inch strips in it and a lot of other size pieces--but all are under fat quarter size--so this quilt will be whatever "pops" up out of this basket!!!  AND---Di is trying not to spend all day "matching" the fabrics--but it is hard for her not to do that!!!
It is hard to "train" old dogs--
New tricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today was friend Ann's day--we quilted for awhile--then ---we got her Mom who is 94 and also lives here--two apartments down from mine --even-- and we--
Went out to lunch---Yummmm---
I had a chicken barbecue sandwich--and it came with these--
But I was a very good girl and did not even eat one--yep--not even one--but--I did have--
Strawberry cheese cake pie--Yummy--(did not look like this--but just the same it tasted great!!!)

And I did get outside for alittle walk and to check out the garden lots to see if "spring" is comming yettttt!!!!
Birds are busy---(these photos where taken though a window in out community room!!)
Found "one" pansy plant tryin to come up--
And lots and lots of the tulips in my one garden are "poppin" their heads up above the ground---so maybe-----
And if you did not read my post on my workbasket site--you may not know that I am doing the HAPPY DANCE again---yep--I won again---over on Tales from the Raspberry Rabbits---it was her drawing for March---that is where I get the Sentimental Journey bom's from--and that is the block that I showed you yesterday---so I am a happy camper---once again this time --Thanks to Shell!
Hugs, Di


  1. So glad you won.. Don't ya just love it..So many generous people and loving too. I too am looking for signs of spring..

  2. The quilt is looking good! I like the plait design on the side borders. Snow is melting fast - drip, drip,- but still too much to go looking for signs of spring in the garden.

  3. Congrats to you for the pretty
    "bright" quilt and for winning a prize. Thank you for MY prize as well! It arrived on Saturday and I plan to make an apron or two from that fabric. It's such a pretty color. I think I have something that will coordinate with is but if not, my, my I might have to go buy a piece. THANK YOU! Loved the butterfly and cupcake too. How cute are those!!!

  4. I didn't need my sunglasses after all! I was expecting bright primary colors when I saw the warning.

  5. I'm realy enjoying your blog. It's so fun to visit every day. I found it through the Red Brolly Catalicious Stitchery blocks. I'm doing them too.

  6. Your project is looking good. I can see where it is brighter than usual for you. Great job of just "letting go"! I'm very proud of you for just reaching into the basket and going with what you grab. I love doing that with scrappy quilts :)

    Come on Spring...you can do it!!

  7. Yep, that's what my tulips look like too! It's so nice to see signs of spring! Your quilt is looking great...I love the scrappy-ness of it! That's my favorite kind of quilt!

    Congrats on winning a giveaway! How fun!

  8. i love the basket quilt and how it is coming along. share it in the flickr group, everyone else wants to see it too.



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