Tuesday, April 6, 2010


When I went out for "fresh air" tonight after supper--I found some "pretties" to take pictures of--think I will add a new feature to the side panel--Picture of the Day--and I will put up a new picture each day of just "something that spoke to my heart" that day--yep that's what I am gonna do--if I remember by the time I get this post written!!!

Today was Anne's day to come--we both worked on doing some hand quilting for an hour and half--then she took me to the "other" grocery store for the things I get there and we got some sliced turkey for sandwiches and came back here for lunch!!!
Oh and I gave her the fabric with the cars on it, and she just loved it--can't wait to see how she uses it in a baby quilt!!!

This afternoon I worked in the sewing room--got this "pile" sewed together--
and this "pile" of blocks cut -- to be sewed!!
And while I was doing this--Little sister came by and did her weekly "post"--we decided it would work out better for her to come in the afternoons to do her post--than at night--and it did go better today for both of us!!!
Another picture from my garden--
And this one---was really surprised to see things in bloom--I had been "bad" girl and had not been outside for a couple days to check on things--last time I was out checking on them--they were only up a couple inches--I like surprises like this!!!

Well--I am outta here--got things to work on tonight--or I will have to find some "volunteers" to get that long to do list of projects done for April!!!
Hugs to all--and thanks to all who read me --daily--or even every so often!!!!


  1. I love the spring flowers. Such a welcome after the long. cold winter. Glad you had time for some sewing and a visit with a friend.

  2. Lovely flowers! I woke up to a pile of snow this morning so I am supremely jealous. lol

  3. I love Spring so much - I'm glad you're sharing your flowers with us. And I love the idea of picture-of-the-day.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful and you get so much done in a day. I love to view your blog. Have a great week, Sylvia

  5. Your flowers are so nice. Those first ones are snowdrops I think. No one seems to plant them out here on the lower coast but my mom had a lot of them in Ottawa. Spring is so exciting. FLowers will burst into bloom suddenly at other times of teh years but there's nothing like Spring. I adore that car fabric! I guess I missed a few posts. That is just the cutest thing.


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