Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yep--that is my Little sister---she reads about a yard sale and she is off----
Today we had to go uptown for her to pick up something she had put on layaway at the country shop--on the way she wanted to see for "sure" where #119 was --as they were advertising a yard sale for tomorrow--when we found the house the girl already was setting it up and you could shop--
And here she is with "OUR" purchases----
She even had to go back to the apartment to get the cart---
I want that two tiered basket and holder she got for $1.00---
and she found the old sewing stool--that "baby" was heavy--for $2.00
I found the little tiered plant stand for 50 cents--and 
In the bag is 6 new tops---most of them are "Talbots" cotton knit tops--$1.00 each--
some are like new--if not all--but they are alittle perfumy---so I need to do some laundry--it will take 2-3 washings to get it all out--so----
I did get two more bom's finished---Yea--for me!!!
Snowbound for April is done--

Gifts of the Spirit is finished--and I got out of my normal colors and used some peach in this one with the pink---different for me!!!!
I only have two more bom's to do--well--only one I actually consider a bom--and that is Bouquet by Jenny--I have it started ( a little)---and then the first friday freebie and that is also started!!!!
And the quilting on the Sunday Best is coming along--so---
let's take a day off tomorrow and "party"!!!!!

This is a tree that we seen on the way home--it is loaded with buds--have to remember to go back in about two days and check it out!!

A man goes to his doctor and hands him a note that says "I can't talk!
Please help me!"
Okay, says the doctor. "put your thumb on the table"
the man doesn't understand how that will help, but he does what he's told.
the docotor picks up a huge book and drops it on the man's thumb.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" the man yells.
"Good", says the doctor--"come back tomorrow and we'll work on B".
               ( L.B.Weinstein)


  1. Love your projects you are working on and isn't it fun to get a bargain. You guys got some great deals:)

  2. Ya gotta love a good bargain, and it looks like you found several! I'm coming to your house to learn to applique - you do beautiful work!

  3. Nice shopping, stitching and photography - sounds a great way to spend a day!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Hi Di

    I love the colours you have used on the Gifts of Grace Love Block. Looks great!

    And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too.


  5. Oh Di I would just love to go shopping with Lil Sis and you. You get such great bargains and it always seems like such fun. Wish I lived closer.
    Your BOM are coming along nicely too.

    How do you get onto "Friday Freebies"


  6. Congrats on the great deals! I never find anything at yard sales. I think it takes a special talent (and perhaps getting out of bed before nine on a Saturday).

  7. Looks like ya found some bargains. Treasures you gotta love them.
    BOM looks great.

  8. Great,Lovely info. So this is where I should have been shopping!!But because of the Ash-trouble, I must stay up here in Norway :-( and better finish some UFOs :-)
    Happy Sewing!

  9. You do have fun together! I'm off to town to do some shopping, but doubt I'll find bargains like yours!
    I love the peach and pink!

  10. Goodness what great deals!! Hard to think of those prices for those things here even at a yard sale! You all have such fun!
    Your BOM looks wonderful!

  11. Hi Di, Wow what bargains! Wish I had been shopping with you. The BOM's look super,I'm not much for peach but this looks fab! Do you ever just sit still??

  12. You gals got some great treasures! Love those BOMs too. Send some incentive this way, would ya? LOL


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