Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today was a day where I did alittle bit of a lot of things--(did you get that??)
First a friend picked me and we did some errands--she had some to do and I had a couple--so we were each other's list--as we are going down the highway--she say's I made list--only it's still home on the table--so don't let me forget too----
And I was doing the same to her!!!  At one of her stops over here on our main street where she parked you could look straight up the street and I took this picture--
this was quite a ways away--1/4 mile or so--so discovered a new longer range button on my camera that I did not know I had!!!!  I love old houses!!!
Then we went up to the village of Odessa--she had to drop off a cake for a church supper and I needed to go to the Library as a book was in that I wanted to read--
Yep--the Librarian ordered this so I could read it--I did donate $5 towards it--but did not think anything about it--until I got home and opened the cover to start reading it and found this--
Wow--this is not the first time she has done this--but I really was surprised--I am also surprised by the fact that I know, and have been on some of the blog sites the author is talking about--good for me!!!!
Then we stopped at the Natural food store as I had forgotten my eggs and rice milk yesterday when I was there!!!
This afternoon I--
quilted on the 30's quilt as I was cold and it was sooo warm on my lap--got two more blocks done--would like to get it done before really hot weather gets here--
Then I--
did a load of laundry--yep--actually did it early--so one of Monday's jobs is done!!!!
Did some gardening---inside that is--watered all my house plants!!!!
Cooked--well--well--I guess I mean I put some steak fries in the toaster oven and heated up some fish I had in the refrig and finished up some fruit I had in the refrig!!!

OH--last night I finished reading this book--
Has anyone else read it????  was different--definitely gives you a different outlook on pigs--  OH---talking about pigs--I do have a pig story!!!!
***** When I was about 5years old my parents bought a nice farm out in the country-- and with the farm came some pigs--the pig pen was directly across the street from the house--this was around the first part of May--cause we were also having a birthday party that day for me--my cousin David and his mother--all of us have birthdays that first week--one of David's older brothers was helping my dad clear some brush away from a couple little buildings along side the house--one of them being the "out" house!!!  well somehow he managed to get the fire out of control and it started burning the little buildings

--so--Mom sent us "kids" with the frosting pan to lick out--across the road to pig pen so keep us out of the way of the cars and fire trucks!!!!  My Dad saved the back end of the house--but we lost the two little buildings--and for the first time in my life I was "up close" to pigs!!!  I remember them being pink and I do believe they were baby size--but boy could they make a "noise"!!!!!

Time to answer some questions from the comments--
This is where I get the round Robin patterns from--the next row is due on this Monday-- will the patterns or the links to the patterns on this site--different quilters design the different rows!!
My friend - Joy-designed the flower vine rows and you can get them from her site or a link to them from her site at go visit her--Also her and my another great friend, Alice, have a BOM so be sure to check that out toooooo!!!!!
I think it is time to get "Di" off this thing for today!!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday--
Hugs, Di


  1. Cute write ...
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Ma

  2. Such a cute kitty! Have a nice day - hope it gets warmer soon.

  3. Spring weather is always crazy. One day it is all sunny and warm and then the next is dreary and cold. Such a tease.

  4. Enjoyed reading your post as usual.

    I can relate to leaving the list on the table!!! I do it all the time.

    The house is lovely but looks like it could do with some loving.

    It is still cold for you there but we had the most beautiful day today that I went for a beach walk and swim.

    have a great week
    Maria X

  5. I have this book and STILL gaze through it , get ideas and enjoy it's read.

    I'm catching up on blogs since I haven't been able to with guests staying with us.

  6. Oooh, Blogging for Bliss. I want to read that too. I should check to see if our library has blog needs all the help I can get! LOL

    That's so cool they put your name in the book. Now everyone will see it, that's so awesome. You should write your blog address in there too!


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