Monday, April 12, 2010


Bubbles (my computer) wanted a day off--she said she had been working really hard for me lately and that everybody deserves a day off--even a computer!!!
So this is how "Bubbles" spent her day----

But I did not get a day off----on the way over to the quilt shop at 11:00 am I found this sweet tree and took it's picture--
Had to go over to the shop and see the quilt instructor Sharon, for the Bliss classes I took in 2008-2009--as I had missed the last class and needed to know how to finish the blocks--
This was a hand-piecing class and we did 7 blocks--I just loved this class and I love to hand piece--but had not done any in a very long time--so while Bubbles was in the bubbles--I  hand pieced--and was in "heaven"---

I was able to get the top all done--even the borders on it--and today I even got the back and batting done -- basted -- and one block hand quilted!!

Oh--forgot to tell you what I did Saturday night after I got done in blogland--
I actually "sat" still for two whole hours and watched a movie--watched "Marley and me"--and yes -- I cried---loved the movie.

I love hand basting a quilt top--cause I can get really "intimate" with it----
It is a time that as I am basting it I can really see the detail in the prints and how the blocks and seams all went together--I see colors in some of them I had not noticed as I was sewing everything together--and I see designs that I missed in the prints  --it really is amazing what we miss when we are just planning, cutting, and sewing the fabrics together--plus I really get to study the block layout and shapes and it helps me decide on the quilting design to use.
This morning I basted Sunday Best--then got the Bliss one ready with batting and backing and ate lunch--when "who" should appear--none other than Little Sister--we decided for our walk today we would go here--
Our local SPCA has an Upscale thrift shop---we went here, because I had cleaned and cleared off a shelf in the closet of alot of counted cross stitch books and knitting books--I will never have time to do all those patterns--so there is no need to take up space with them!!!!

When I got home and opened up my purse--look at what I found inside--
AH--so this is where my $5.00 went before I left the store--one bunny hopped into the purse for a ride home--
Is she not the cutest---this is a different "pose" than I have seen before--so just had to give her a new home--but---now I want the "other" one--that one stands upright!
Sometimes one is never happy--but why should I stop at one when there is two??

And this was in today's mail--my Rural Jardin order---
I just love this line and these colors--totally "spell" country to me!!!

And if anyone is interested in how I do my quilt as I go quilts--I just did a tutorial over on my workbasket site--so have a looky see!!

Have a great day tomorrow--keep those sewing machines a hummin--

Hugs for all, Di


  1. Oh my, Di! Handpiecing that lovely design! I think I need to come over for a lesson, I am in awe! Since I can't catch a plane just yet, I'll head over to your workbasket and check out your tutorial instead :)

  2. Your blog just totally blows me away. You combine such art, photos, and your work to just cause me to be spellbound while I read. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I love your Bliss quilt. Someone asked me on Sunday if it was possible to quilt without a machine. Of course it is. Your colors are just beautiful. And rabbits never stop at just one you know that.

  4. The handpieced quilt is just beautiful! Wow!
    And the bunny in the bag is no surprise - what a cutie! Enjoy another spring day, Di.

  5. Thank you Thank you Di, Your blog this time was uplifting for me, I just seem weepy this morning and you picked me up.Your quilt from your class is beautiful.

  6. Loved your post. The hand pieced quilt is lovely and the border is just divine.

    Nice rabbitt. I hate my as they are here by the hundreds ( well lots) and eat all my plants and trees.

    Please say Hello to little sis for me tomorrow as I am off to Perth again. This time to see "Cats"

    Hugz, Maria

  7. Welcome back! You wore poor Bubbles out :)

    I love your hand pieced table topper. The designs, the colors, and especially the overall shape. Beautiful!

  8. You are indeed a busy gal. Wow, all the piecing and quilting you do makes my head swim. You do such fantastic work! I love that wittle bunny that hitched a ride home with you. You need to go get her sister. She's probably wondering when you're coming back for her!

  9. your post was chalked full of fun stuff...

  10. You have been busy over there!! Enjoyed the Schnibble (feeds that addiction you know)


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