Thursday, April 29, 2010


I had a different kind of day today---did not sew all day nor did I do housework or spring cleaning today---

This morning I had to a PT appointment--and for being a "good girl" and doing my excises the PT instructor gave me MORE to do!!!!  Oh well somebody has to do them!!!

Then after lunch around 2 pm Anne picked me up and I actually went to ---
Quilt Club---at my local quilt store--
I took a BIG bag of things for show 'n' tell as I had not been a long long time---
and here is some of the other's show 'n 'tell--
this is Anne showing her old quilt she just finished--
And this lady is actually showing Barbie dolls that years ago my Anne made dresses for--Anne used to make and repair antique dolls and made alot of old fashioned dresses for the Barbies and this lady bought some for her granddaughters to play with and she still had them--how neat!!!
this lady was away for a couple months and this was her project while she was away--
this crazy quilt was to die for---she did a wonderful job of creating it--you could of looked at all day and still seen something you missed---
this is being made for a grandson who is 22 yrs young!
A neat table runner--
this gal is showing a quilt her Mom made years and years ago!!!

Jeannie out quilt club instructor has a drawing for those that bring show 'n' tell and then one in the end of class for everyone---
Guess who won the show 'n' tell one---
I got a pattern and a towel  to do the pattern on!!!!

I was good (remember--no money!!!) and I got only one yard of fabric and it was a "free" yard I had earned--
I got the pink kinda checked one on the bottom to go with the flowered one on the top--- I had picked up the rows of flowers at another quilt shop on a sale--these are just the right size flowers for Dresden plates and now the pink checked will be the centers--now to find the time to make them???????

OKay now time to get "serious"---
I "think" I might be pregnant------
I am "craving" peanut butter by the spoonful right from the jar--
And chocolate tonight ---big time!!!!!

Any one wanta join me???

Tomorrow I hope to have another Show 'n' Tell for April finishes--so stayed tuned!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Beat ya too it--I am eating Reese's Peanut Butter cups. That is a really cool crazy quilt. And you are so lucky to win. Besides it is almost the beginning of the month. Hee hee!!

  2. Look at all those fabulous quilts at the show and tell! Congrats on the the flower and dot fabric...Did I say LOVE LOVE LOVE them??? Now I have a craving for peanut butter cups!

  3. Love the show and tell! What a group of talented ladies. I love the crazy quilt, must do one of those one day... :) Glad you won, and I will be joining you for the chocolate eating.... :)

  4. Congrats on the win!

    As a little tease...I joined a Dresden Plate quilt along over at SoHappy.

  5. Winning some fabric is wonderful! Puts a little extra skip in the step! Enjoyed the show and share today.

  6. Wonderful show and tell. thank you for sharing.

    Lucky girl to have won the fabric.

    LOL I don't think you would be happy if you were pregnant.

  7. Di you are too funny. I'll join you for the peanut butter and chocolate - but not for the pregnancy part!! LOL!! I'll check back later for your April finishes. Oh thanks for sharing the show and tell. My goodness that crazy quilt is something else!


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