Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ready for a "rabbit" story?????
You all remember me telling you yesterday about this bunny coming home with me??
Well--late in the evening I walked by my dinning room table and I thought I imaged the "other" bunny was here--so I said--boy tomorrow I think I really need to go get the other one!!!
Even later as I walked by again--I thought I was "imaging" that taller rabbit sitting next to the new one--this time I couldn't stand it--I walked over to the table and reached out and touched my "imaginary" rabbit--ONLY--it was really there--I started laughing and I wanted to "hug" little sister about that time--cause apparently she had walked back to the thrift store and gotten me the second one and somehow she put it on the table to "surprise" me--and she did--it was midnight--so I could not call her--till this morning---but I am now the proud owner of two new rabbits---
It was Anne's day today--we both quilted on projects all morning--I worked on the bliss quilt and she worked on an old old quilt she bought at a yard sale--
I will put more pictures and information about this quilt over on my workbasket site!!
She stayed for lunch--then I went in the sewing room to make the jelly roll blocks
I soon discovered that I only had half of the measurements on the sheet I printed out--so had to come out and turn "bubbles " on and looked it up--for some reason it printed out too large again leaving off the bottom row of measurements--so I just wrote them in and went back to work--
Now--how did she get in the picture--oh well--she is cute there--she has to earn her lettuce and carrots somehow????  Here is this weeks block for the gift quilt--
Oh--now look at that--the "new" rabbit wants to be helpful, too!!  And here is my block in the Rural Jardin---
And here is the block in the O Cherry-line of the Honey bun size--thought I would have a hard time with the measurements for this one--but it really was quite easy???
And did you notice that "both" rabbits had to be in this picture!!!
Here is some "Spring" flowers for all my blogging friends --enjoy!!!!

Hugs to all----


  1. Oh that was a most excellent bunny tale indeed! hee,hee,hee. :)

  2. Rural Jardin is my favorite.

  3. Very cute bunny tail..
    I love bunnies

  4. I knew you would end up with both of them! So cute!

  5. Love your new rabbits - and your blocks look so great, too! Wow - 3 of them -- I'm loving all of the fabric you're using!

  6. That's so funny that lil sister snuck in the other rabbit. I like the one that is standing up, very cute indeed.

    All your blocks turned out great. I can't even choose a favorite :)

  7. What a sweet little sister you have :)

  8. Cute bunnies, and you were right...the first one was lonely! Needed a friend for sure!

  9. Oh,how nice the rabbits are,they seem to enjoy all of your blocks
    4:-) Nice, different colors in Jelly Rolls. Soon I`ll start on mine,I am just doing one block of each, definately.
    Did you know I won,very happy here at the moment!


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