Friday, April 23, 2010


WOW--I would love to have this right about now---I have "no" idea why I am hungry--I had a nice supper----but I am sooo  hungry for something else----oh well--will probably end up with toast --even though I am really trying not to eat in the evenings!!!!
My girl-friend Ginny picked me up about 10 am and we went to Walmart--I needed some baby yarn--OH--found out that I can make any color knit hat for the baby's not just pink and blue---got a soft-yellow!!
Nothing exciting in food--just yogurt, cottage cheese and cereal!!!

After lunch it was the "phone's" turn to interrupt my life---but oh well--every thing needs to take a "turn"--right????
I did get some -- but not alot of sewing done---
Got alittle more done on the Verna quilt---
And got more quilting done on the Sunday Best--I am happy to say that I am on the borders and only have 3 more to quilt--already know what fabric I am using for the binding--so!!!
Went after the mail--and took a photo of our mail boxes--because I just knew you were all just "dying" to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is the "regular" afternoon community room crowd--these ladies go down there at 1:30 every day and leave at 3:00 sharp!!!!!
I have some heavy plans for this week end----
YEP--gonna do some house cleaning--some closets mostly--
Wish I could just do this --

then I could really get back to sewing --quickly!!!!
so--you all have fun  now and think of me with my  "head" in the closet!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. OMG! Thanks for the picture of the mailboxes. Made my whole day. You are just too funny! I wish you could send me some of your cheerfulness! Have a fun-filled weekend.

  2. I LOVE soft yellow for baby items...
    the Verna project is looking FAB!
    When you are finished cleaning you could come on over here and help me if you want...I could whip up some chocolate chip cookies, that has to sound better than toast!

  3. Verna is looking good. Aren't those the funnest fabrics to sew with?

  4. Oh Di I just loved reading your post. Always puts a smile on my face.

    Don't spend too much time in the closet. LOL.

  5. I think I need some Verna--it looks great. That milkshake looks pretty yummy too!! Hopefully we both get to the sewing quickly!!! L,A-

  6. Eat, Di, eat!! Cleaning and quilting is hungry work!

  7. hey Di, I think you just need give in to a little of your food craving. You are going to drive your self crazy. The cleaning should take your mind off the food. lol

  8. Closet cleaning is a scary thing indeed. You may find some long lost treasures though :)

    Love the shot of the mailboxes. What happens if you get too much mail or a big package? Do they have a place to hold it for you or does the mailman take it back to the Post Office? It's the little things like that which keep me up at night lol. Our regular mailman leaves our packages on our front porch but sometimes we have a substitute mailman that refuses to get out of his car and he just leaves a note. Then we have to go to the Post Office package pick up site (say that 3 times lol) to get our packages.

    That's great that you can use different colors for the baby hats. It can get a bit stale just using blue and pink all the time. I love to use all the pastels especially green and purple :)


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