Saturday, April 17, 2010


SEE--and you all thought I was going to eat sweets all day---I have one rule in this house---
No sugar until "after" I eat lunch--SO --watch out now!!!!!

Sorry--wrong answer--no beach bag!!!
Keep trying---
Here is my process so far---
After a couple false starts and doing the "froggie" thing with the seam ripper--I got it going and now the two-18 inch zippers are ready--now to figure out the rest of the Bag--I do wish I had more of the above fabric--but----
I am going visiting for awhile--then back to work--see ya later---Di


  1. Goodness - what are you making over there?? Is it a tote bag? You're so cute - no sugar before lunch! Speaking of sugar - I'm still waiting for my cyber snack LOL!

  2. Can't imagine! You're going to keep us in suspense I guess. I'll check back later.

  3. Looks like pretty fabric. I'll check back later to see your bag.

  4. Not sure what kind of bag you are making but love the chocolate. Your lunch looks good. I'll check back to see your progress. i also spent some time ripping out today.

  5. We have the same rule in our house. No sweets until after lunch and nothing after 8:30 pm.

    Two zippers in one bag...I'm guessing you need a new purse????

  6. Is is a diaper bag for a baby boy?

  7. looks like you have the hard part out of the way. I can't wait to see the next step.

  8. Watcha making...I'll be watching. Oh and I do love Yo-Plus far better than those chocolates but dare not say that about the ice cream.

  9. A beach bag is what I originally wanted to make. Are you using your own pattern, or did I miss it? Your lunch picture is making me hungry lol!

  10. Great laptop tote Di!! I need one of those. Did you have any pattern at all?


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