Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had another "total" finish this morning and the morning was going along smoothly--until I got the camera out to take a picture of the new finish--and then I had "bunny" battles around here---there was fur flying everywhere---
Of course the "New" bunnies wanted to continue there photo career----
But my older bunnies said "NO" it was there turn--
So I had to step in and say--yes--it was the "older" rabbits turn--

And here they are --so proud to be part of the photos--now I think everybody is happy--that is "except" for the two new ones I saw in  a shop window today--
they wanted to come home with me too--luckily the shop was closed--but there is always tomorrow!!!!
If you remember this quilt is my "Bliss" hand piecing quilt--I took the class from
Sharon-here---she is a wonderful teacher--and I do have to watch the next class schedule for the summer--it's about time I took another class!!  
I used this pretty piece of fabric I got about 5 years ago--thinking I could match it up with other fabric--but it was just one of "those" fabrics that did not want to match up--so I kept it thinking it might be a nice backing for something--someday-- and the something and someday happened at the same time and here it is--perfect!!!!
Now I realize this is just a picture of a plain bird in a plain lawn---I was on my way to a PT appointment for my back when I seen him and I thought I had discovered a new "item" on my camera and I wanted to check it out--and it does work ---YeS!!!
One of the reason's I got this camera was for the suppose "long range" on it--only I really did not see where it was much different than my other camera's that way--then the other day I was playing around with it and discovered that you have to re-push the long range button after you think it has gone all the way and then it clicks to a 3 or 4 or 5 and then 'baby' you can get up close pictures of far away things----yes!!!
Also seen these--you say they are just a patch of wild dandelion's--I know--but they were just soooo yellow and sooo fluffy looking--
SEE---oh by the way--talking about dandelions--if you want to be in the Bag sew-in this Saturday--the 17th you need to go to the Hostess site which is none other than--
After the PT appointment I met Little sister at the Quilt shop and we got our fabric for Saturday---what is that you asked--why did I need to buy more fabric????
Well--you will have to stop by here on Saturday and I will answer that question then!!!!
So run--hop--whatever over to Dandelion quilts and sign up--she is only taking 25 people--let one of them be you.
Hugs to all---Di


  1. Oh Di I just love that hand pieced little quilt your rabbitts are sitting. Great way to use the the fabric too as a backing.
    Wish I could jion you on a workshop but I live a bit too far away.

  2. Di I can't believe you hand pieced that quilt! It's fabulous! Of course the bunnies sitting on it are ever too cute! Somehow I think the ones at the shop will be hopping home with you too.
    Now as for the dandelions. Razzy and Sugie would love to have all those dandelion leaves. David won't let me grow "weeds" in his perfect yard (it is really nice), so I have to go to the only store in town that thas them and pay $5.00 for a bundle of dandelion leaves!!!
    crazy isn't it?!

  3. Your table topper turned out beautiful! I have some fabrics like your backing fabric. I bought them because they were beautiful but then I couldn't find anything to match them with. I like using them on the backs of table toppers too. I don't mind if my table topper match both front and back.

  4. Beautiful topper!

    I love the flowers!!! LOL!

  5. :) I just love those cheerful dandelions!


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