Friday, April 16, 2010


I can't believe it--but my legs are now much shorter--see here they are--
they were such "pretty" legs--and they made me soooo much more important and taller--and probably "thinner"!!!!
See here I am in my "shorter" look and design---But Di said it had to be done--as you can see this is her computer table and I graciously let her keep "bubbles" on it---
Unfortunately I was too tall and Di has been having alot of trouble with her neck and her arms--so she has not been able to be on "bubbles" for very long each night---and do want to add that she did ask me if it was ok to make me shorter--what could I say???
Hi--went to my second Physical Therapy session today--right now we are working on my lower back--but we will be working on my upper back soon--hey--at least the "middle" of my back is OK!!!!
AND of course on the way home, little sister and I had to stop in at the quilt shop--I needed two 18 inch zippers for the bag sew in tomorrow--and she did have them--but-- yep--there is a but--there--she is also having her fat-quarter sale this week--looked at the cottons and they were nearly gone--and this time she had the batiks on sale-- so here is what I walked out with---
Are these not beautiful eye candy's--and now I own them--oh you ask what am I going to make with them---well--you got any ideas out there---would love to hear them!!!
We did stop a new Youth Center place that services us Oldests at lunch time--we tried the pizza--sorry--I will not be eating pizza there--oh it was good--but the sauce and I diffidently did not get along!!!!! so will try something else the next time!
Seen these on the way home--they are so pretty -- just like a carpet of snow white--
and I did get the two flying geese rows all sewed today and they have the backing and batting's laid out--now to quilt them before I sew them unto the rest of the Round Robin quilt----the rest of the day--(when I wasn't letting my friend destroy my furniture) I was hand quilting on the Sunday Best Quilt top--center area is now all stitched!!
Well gonna go for tonight--tomorrow is the sew-in so will be on here most all day--when not trying to figure out how to make my "bag"--cause again the only pattern I have is one Partly formed in my head??????????
Be sure to HOP by tomorrow and see what me and Little sister is making---

Hugs, Di


  1. Love your batiks- I bought some recently too, and they are just the most beautiful fabric with the different variegations in them! Can you use them tomorrow to make bags??

  2. Good luck with one leg down,and three up?!! Difficult that is.
    Here it is already Saturday,and I am sorting out this and that for the Tote Bag day. Looking forward
    to full day of sewing.
    Happy Saturday Sewing :0)

  3. Mmm! Yummy fabrics! I wish I lived near your shop :)Enjoy your sew-in.

  4. Such pretty little whit flowers. I'm going to have to look up and see what those are called.

  5. Another full day for you. There seems to be some kind of gravitational pull dragging you into the quilt shops lately lol. Beautiful fabric. Careful though, I recently read on a blog that if you wash batik fabrics with one of those oxiclean color catchers it takes the color out of the batiks. It will also take the tea dye from a fabric even after many years.

    Good luck on your tote bag today!

  6. I bet it is a lot easier to use Bubbles now you shortened the table.

    Love the flowers and fabric.

    goregeous flying geese too

    Will pop in tomorrow to see what you two have been up to


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