Monday, April 19, 2010


Life and Nature can give us such beautiful things to see--
and smell--
and wonder over--

And I guess it is the "wondering" over that has ahold of my heart tonight---

Yes--My Mary is heavy on my heart tonight and has been all day--she is slowly and painfully leaving us---I do not want to lose her or her family--they really have been such a wonderful, beautiful part of my life---like these flowers above---yet--yes--I know that these flowers will wilt and slowly pass away too---but I just want to know 'WHY'??


OK -- As you can see--besides quilts and handwork--I love to take photo's of flowers--so be prepared---our flower season is just ---starting----!!!!!
I am feeling alittle bit better tonight about my bom's--was getting myself in a panic mode there for awhile--so decided to do something about it---this bom is all done for this month--I have another bom all stitched--just needs some machine finishing on it and I have another one with the applique all done and the thread colors all picked out--sometimes picking out and deciding on thread colors can be an all day job!!!

and I even got two loads of laundry done today--so I am on a roll here!!!!
PUZZLE TIME---  I took this picture this afternoon with the other ones in this post---I took it to show you how this "tulip" decided to grow 'outside' of the box!!!  But when I was getting the picture ready to post I noticed something else in the picture that I did not notice outside------
CAN you find what it is I seen?????????

My friend has a $10,000.00 wristwatch--If I had that kind of money, I wouldn't buy a watch.  I'd strap a wad of bills to my wrist and when I wanted to know the time, I'd peel off a bill and pay a stranger to tell me the time!!!!! 
   (comic Dan Upham)
I sure hope I am one of the stranger's he asks about the time!!!!!! Di
Hugs to all and Smiles for each----Di


  1. I'm so sorry about Mary. I am wondering why to tonight. A young man of 42 with 3 teen-age daughters and a 9 year old son is dying of colon cancer. That's just not right, but it will happen. We just have to trust that the Lord knows the plan better than we can ever imagine. I see some little pansies "outside the box" too. Take care.

  2. Di, I'm so sorry to hear the news about Mary. I know how close you are. Keep on taking pictures of those flowers. That's something I love to do, too. Some of GOd's beauty. Do I see a little violet outside the box? I have tulips that insist on growing outside the box.

  3. Sorry for your Mary and all the closest to her. Life is sometimes very difficult,where ever you live in the world. Hope they can ease her pain. Your flower-pictures are lovely, soon spring will be here as well.

  4. (((((Hugs Di)))) Praying for you and Mary and all those around her.

  5. Sorry your heart is feeling heavy. Mary soon will be in a far better place...though we just don't understand it reassures us to live life! We only get the one.
    Blessings to you and Mary!!

  6. Your pictures are so pretty, and the only thing I see in the last one, other than the obvious tools, is a couple of pretty little Johnny JumpUps. So sorry about your friend Mary. My thoughts and prayers are with her and with you.

  7. You are I my thoughts at this sad time. Keep strong.

    Your photos of your flowers are beautiful. I am just going to plant my bulbs this week.Hope to have pretty flowers by Sept.

    I see little violas outside the box!!!

  8. I am so sorry...seems like we feel helpless to stop the inevitable. Many hugs to you.

  9. Oh Di, I'm so sorry about Mary - wish I had some answers, but I don't - so I'm sending hugs instead!


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