Tuesday, April 27, 2010


 Anne came today and we quilted til noon--she worked on a pre-printed wall hanging and I worked on Sunday Best--
Little Sister showed up about 11:30 am and so Anne asked if we would like to go out to lunch--well--we ain't no chicken--so of course we said that sounded like a plan!!
We went to a place called "Mr. Chicken's" and guess what we had?????
Anne and I had chicken sandwiches--little sister got 1/2 chicken so she had leftovers and she got to bring it home for another meal---but Anne and I also got some Strawberry cheese cake pie---( I know Di just found those couple lost pounds--again)
this was the view looking out the window where we sat--right across the street--behind that truck is the entrance to the State Park and our famous Gorge!!!!

While we were eating we watched the weather do all kinds of things outside--sunshine--rain--sleet--snow--rain--snow---!!!!  Didn't everyone say that "spring" was here???????
Let's see do I give you the "good" news or the "bad" news first?????

AH let's get the "bad" out of the way----
I hate computers---I really do--blogging friends!!!
It seems every couple of days something changes in the format--and it is nothing I have done--this "crazy" box--just uses the gentle word "update" and then you are updated alright---and it is like starting alllllll over again in relearning how to do the simple things to make it work!!!!
Tonight the format for me to download my clipart and pictures has all changed--I like the old way--what is wrong with the "old" way---us (me) "old" women like the "old" way--leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok now I got that off my "chest" let's see where were we????
Oh--the good news---hey look at this---
It is the Sunday Best -- Schnibbles-- all hand quilted and all finished--even the binding is all done---Hurrah for me!!!!
I used this stencil in the four patches--I just loved this stencil and the design it made--

Here is how I did the center patches--just outlines--
And here is how I did the little corner squares-- and I did do some quilting on the borders--but it is hard to see here--I did a line around the bird nest and then outlined around some of the little squares!!!
So here we are in all our "glory"--pillow and quilt all done and happy in the rocker to no longer be "man" handled by the quilter!!!!!!

PS--we have 3---just 3 more days to finish our April goals---so how are we doing????
Ah--think Di best get to hers!!!!!!!


  1. Your quilt turned out really, really beautifuly! The colors are so warm and cozy. I love how the inner border really sets off the outer one. Nice work, friend!

    Wasn't the weather strange today? Weird to see snow again! Sounds like a great lunch!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful and the quilting is awesome. The border fabric looks so fun and your quilt sitting on the rocker makes me want to curl up with it and a good book. Nola

  3. I love your little quilt and pillow. And I agree with you about updates!!! Don't you just wish they'd leave us alone??

  4. It is gorgeous!!! Love every bit of it. My goals for this month are being carried over to next month. Sanity has won out!! And I want that kitten!!! So cute. L,A-

  5. Great Lunch?? Looks good! Lovely snowball quilt. Your blog is an adventure to read, and of course lots of interesting quilts for me to start on .... You must have more than 24 hours a day :-) My days seem to have much less,and OMG is it soon April 30,I am behind this month too. Anyway:
    Happy Quilting to you.

  6. Sunday Best is looking great!

    My computer constantly wants to update. I keep telling it NO! I figure when a program stops working, then I will worry about the updates lol. I really do not like relearning programs.

  7. YOur Sunday Best turned out sooooooooooooooooo wonderful!!!

  8. Sunday Best is beautiful. Your quilting is lovely.

    Sounds like a nice lunch even though it was wet.

  9. Oh wow, your Schnibble is just wonderful. Such great colors. And the hand quilting is great. I like what you chose for the 4-patches. Congratulations on an April finish.

  10. Having lunch with your friends (& little sis) is one of the greatest treats isn't it? I'm impressed with your Schnibbles, including the hand stitching. Nice job!!

  11. I love the quilting in this quilt. It looks wonderful!!


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