Thursday, April 22, 2010


Little sister was here when I read my comments from yesterday's post---she had no idea how I had done the post--luckily for me---she laughed--and then like we read your comments and smiled---we do have fun together---most of the time!!!!
I had a good day for some project work--
another finish --pillow to go with Sunday Best--Schnibbles quilt that I am hand quilting on now--I am almost to the border to quilt that---

I did work on my "new" design with the Verna fabric line!!!

And--I got all the prep work done on these three tonight---I had gotten the pattern pieces ready a few days ago--but tonight I got all the fabrics picked out and all the applique pieces ironed on for the sewing--these are on the April goal list ---too!!!
And I did go for a walk--that wind here off the big lake is "cold"--so it is hard to go out and enjoy yourself walking--but---I did it--
Went back up to the yard sale and got three more tops--these are more for fall or winter-or even this kind of weather--tomorrow I plan to wash them--if I can get the laundry room!!!
This is a view from my sewing room window--can you see the green leaves on the tree on this side of the street--yet the trees across the street are all red leafed--pretty together---
And this is the view out my living room window--I do believe Spring is here!!!

I heard an older woman complain about her aches.
But her friend one-upped here:
"I woke up this morning and thought I was dead
because nothing hurt!"

Hugs & Smiles--Di
See I did some gardening today -- too!!!!


  1. Love the cushion and can't wait to see Schnibbles all done. I need to find those garage sales. Sounds like you have a whole new wardrobe. I will have to go hunting this weekend. L,A-

  2. Your blog is full of JOY :-) So lovely to read,lucky you having little sister that quilts(as no sister,percuading my DD,but it takes time-if ever)!!
    Happy Sewing to you both.

  3. Now that cushion is lovely! Enjoy todays sewing :)

  4. Your Sunday Best pillow looks marvelous (trying out different adjectives today lol)

  5. Hi Sis and Di

    Well done finishing your cushions.

    Your applique blocks are so cute. I just adore birdhouses.

    Pretty views from the windows,thanks for sharing.

  6. Can't wait to see the finished Verna project...Love the pillow!


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