Thursday, April 1, 2010


We will need to put "sunglasses" on our Easter eggs for all the egg hunts on Saturday!!!!
Well--the good part is we won't need to hard boil them this year--just leave them out in the hot sun for a couple hours--think of the electricity we will save!!!!!

Little sister got me into "trouble" again today--we had to go over town and do some things and of course we HAD to go to the quilt shop--this is the owner Sue at O'Susannah's Quilt shop--she is constantly on the move!!!
First we looked at quilt stencils and we each picked out two (Ah--I think Little sister forgot that she doesn't quilt!!)--then we were looking around at the fabric ---
And little sister spots this fabric---
Is this not the "greatest" print and colors---I love birds and bird prints!!!  SO you know what this meant don't you?????    Little sister also found a bird  print just like this one only in a different color combo--see her's on her site!!
And here is what came home with me--Sue was putting away fabric when I spotted the darkest one on the bottom of the pile and I grabbed it quick!!!  We have two different patterns in mind to use these on---so this story will be continued at a later date!!
Found two pretty sights of Spring on the way to the Health food store--
I love flowers!!!

I was finally able to go down and see and visit with my Mary this morning--
She would not let me take her picture so I took one of her flowers and some of the cards she has gotten---we still talk about her getting well--but---?????
It was soooo good to get my hug today--in fact I got me two of them--one when I got there and one when I left!!

I have entered "Mary's Sunny Bunny" quilt in an Easter quilt contest--and I need everyone to go and vote on it for her----I would just love to go down on Monday and tell her that the quilt she and daughter Mary helped me with--- won!!!!
I am new to this--but here is what I know--
The is the company that does the contests-- and this weeks is being hosted by one of these sites starting tomorrow (Friday) through Sunday will show the quilts to be voted on--and I guess the quilt that gets the most votes win---SO --check these out will you--and please keep praying for my Mary--she really is ---.
Happy Stitching---and safe traveling for any who are going away for the week end!


  1. Di, I'm wo glad you got to see Mary! I'll go vote for your quilt. I had to get out of my car this morning to take a daffodil picture. I just love everything about Spring!

  2. Saw your most darling Schnibbles on Sinta's blog! Creative as all get-out!! I love it!

  3. The fabric is gorgeous and so are the flowers. Spring is definitely in the air. Glad you got to visit with Mary!

  4. How great is that you had two hugs but best of all Mary got two as well.

    Oh you were naughty buying more fabric.LOL

    Will pop over to vote for you now.

  5. Oh I am sooooo glad you got to see Mary!! And get two hugs!! Still praying for her and all those who love her.

    Wish I could be naughty and go fabric shopping with Alice! One day... :)



  6. Here is the direct link for anyone voting...

    I voted :)

    So glad that you were able to visit with Mary yesterday. I bet that brought a bit of a smile to your face.

    I'm glad you are taking pictures of the flowers that are popping up around you. Our area just doesn't have those kinds of things. Being in Florida, there are flowers year round so sometimes we take them for granted. I do miss having a flower garden though...

    I love coming over here around the first of the month. I know you and Little Sister will be going fabric shopping lol. I love the new fabric you picked up. Now you even have Little Sister buying fabric lol. I think you may have just created a quilting monster :) Good for you!

    I'm sure we will talk before then but HAPPY EASTER!!

  7. Spring has come a lot further your way. I have seen a few crocuses around, but it is still quite cold - sleet today! Love the fabrics! Glad you saw Mary today - I bet it did her good. Hugs,


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