Friday, April 2, 2010


HERE is where you have the chance to make your vote count---

There is about a dozen or so in the contest--and there is some really cute ones--so if you have a hard time--then I ask you to vote for the one you really really like--even if it is not the Sunny Bunny one--
may the "cutest" quilt win!!!!
Had to go here again this Friday!!!!  To the Dentist---had to fix a front tooth--it was a piece of cake----
And again --- I had my "favorite" dentist work on me-
I was a "big" girl and did not even need that shot for numbing!!!!  Was in and out in 20 minutes or less!!!
And here is a picture of a water fountain that they have in this small lake/pond area by the one parking lot!!!!
I am back--ready for a laugh or two????

Q...What do you get when you cross a bunny with a spider?????

A... A harenet!!!!!!
Q...Why is a bunny the luckiest animal in the world?????

A...It has 4 rabbits' feet!!!!!!
Q... How do you get a letter to a bunny????

A... Hare mail!!!!
Q...What did the bunny want to do when he grew up?????

A...Join the Hare  Force!!!!!!
Q...How do you make a rabbit stew?????

A...Make it wait for 3 hours!!!!!!
Have a great Saturday--everyone!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Happy Easter!!! I hope yours is just wonderful.

  2. I've been to vote for your little quilt. Hope it wins! Happy Easter

  3. I zipped over and voted for Mary's quilt. There certainly are a lot of cute ones. I'll be rooting for yours!

  4. That picture of the piece of cake has really got me craving a slice. Good thing there's none around. LOL

    Good luck with your quilt Di! It's such a pretty cheerful quilt!

  5. A super little winning ric-rac quilt,And loving chocolate cakes,I am sure you will win.
    Happy Easter to you :o)

  6. I've voted for you!!!!, although Easter Hop is in the first place. I'm in a contest, can I ask you a huge favor?, lol, please go to my blog, read the information and vote for number 22 it's my cupcake quilt!!!!, I'd love to winnnnnnn, Happy Easter!!!

  7. Have voted! Have just been to the shop and stocked up for the rest of the Easter hols. And some bits for the kids Easter eggs - they are keeping a look out for the Easter bunny!

  8. I am voted for your sweet quilt!
    Happy Easter!!!!

  9. Wishing you a Happy Easter...sweet Easter quilt!!

  10. Cute quilts! I have voted for yours and Mary's :)
    Happy Easter!

  11. Happy Easter, Di.
    Here's good wishes hopping your way.

  12. You are just beyond silly! Love these!


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