Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was out taking some pictures and this bit of song came to me--"tip toe through the tulips"--who was that by--Tiny Tim????????
While there I did find something interesting to photo--
Can you see what I seen????
Here's another shot??????
There was these "tiny" puddles of rain drops on the leaves all in a little ball like and it made it look like some one had glued clear beads to the center of each leaf!!!!

I did get my first BOM done---I know--I know it is already the 18th and I am just getting the first bom done--what can I say---
It is the Catalouis block ---I finished it up last night while Little sister was on here!!!
And I even started another bom---good for me--
And this afternoon I got some more of the bom's for April prepped!!!
This morning I quilted on the Sunday Best--Schnibbles for March--it is coming along nicely---but---if I finish it --- will there be time to do hand quilt this months Schnibbles????

I sure had a good time yesterday--and now Bubbles has a really pretty traveling case--No--I did not have any kind of pattern--in fact did not see any patterns available for computer carry all's!!!  all I knew that I wanted was the two zippers on it and for them to come together in the middle at the top!!!  After the photo's for the finish--I did work some more on it ---mainly zig zagging the inside edge seams--so they would not ravel out!!!

And I did watch a movie last night and enjoyed a dish of Ice cream!!!
Thanks again Kris and Kelly for a great day and for helping me realize one of my "dream" projects.

Have a great Monday--everyone---
Hugs, and Smiles, Di


  1. The bom's are out of control at my house, so I think you are making great progress! Pretty rain drops!

  2. You are such the photographer--the tulips are gorgeous. It is fun to find little hidden treasures to get photos of. I love the kitty block! I really need to get busy on that one and the other however many BOMs I want to do.
    Have fun!!!

  3. The tulips are just lovely. As well, the stichery looks stunning.

    I just finished up piecing my April Schnibbles this afternoon.

  4. A really pretty Post, thanks!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Tulips...reminds me of years I lived in Holland.

    Oh and that stitchery is just adorable

  6. Your stitchery is so wonderful

  7. I love tulips...they are my favourite's a little too hot here to grow tulips though.
    Rain drops are so beautiful!
    Your catalicious block looks great...I have been collecting these BOM's but as yet haven't started...your block is begin!

  8. I am on Month 7 of Polka Dot Girls and this is the same stitchery as this months Catalicious. I wondered why I have made 2 templates and it just hit me. DOH!

    Yours came out great! Looks like I had better start mine, I have 2 to do. LOL!

  9. The tulips look lovely - is Perry Como the singer? The name just popped up out of the blue!
    The bom is beautiful - have started, but more to do.

  10. Beautiful BOMs and the flowers are lovely!

  11. Just love the tulips, Di

    I looked and looked at those two photos and could not see what you meant.Did see the drops but thought you had seen a rare bug or something.LOL

    Your stitchery is beautiful. I have just finished my first one. Maybe I should stop going to Perth to the theatre and stay home and sew.

  12. I love tulips! The picture of the water drops is cool. It does look like little crystals on the leaves.

    I see on your work table you have a light box. That is one of the things on my need to buy list. I was wondering, what do you use to trace your patterns onto the fabric for your BOMs? I've been trying to find something that writes easily plus something I can actually see. I've thought of just using a thin pencil but worry if the marks come out easily if I stray off the lines.

  13. Looks like you have some fun projects to dive into! Cute BOM! Your flowers are beautiful too!


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