Monday, April 26, 2010


Rain--Rain--Rain--all day mixed with some fog for alittle "color"!!!!
It really was one of those mornings where "I" really would of liked to curl up in my rocker and hand quilted -- especially after having "two" days off----
I needed to go with a girl-friend to take Little sister to an appointment in Ithaca--a town east of here about 20 some miles---girl friend --Denise--picked us up at 9:30 am and off we went---through the hills and valleys in the rain!!!!
While Little sister was at her appointment I knitted on another baby hat in the yellow and Denise knitted on a dish cloth---Then we needed to do a  "potty" stop--before riding all the way home so this is where we stopped--
I am soooo glad that Quilt shop's are friendly and prove "bathrooms"!!!
This is  Calico Girls in downtown Ithaca--and it just so happened---that we had to go right by it on the way home!!!!

What beautiful fabric and patterns every where you looked!!!
Unfortunately it being the end of the month this is all I could walk out with--
Two more for my collection!!!!  I just love these colors!!!
As soon as I got home I had to run off to a doctor appointment--
My weight is alittle lower--and the blood pressure is alittle lower--so
do you think the medical person was happy---NO--they never are unless they can give you lots of slips of paper--and then the receptionist out front she has to give you lots of sheets of paper for your next appointment--I have decided that the medical field doesn't like --

trees ---   with all the paper they give you before you walk out the door!!!!

 Get the camera out--
Seen this on the way--so in the rain I just had to take a picture to share with you!!
Then I came home and totally finished the baby hat--so I have that "goal" of 4 per month done for April!!!

then it was time to get back to work---
That's when the "Panic" set in---
   1. which project to work on--
             a. finish hand quilting Sunday Best
              b. work on the Verna quilt
              c. work on the 3 patchables patterns
     on the First friday freebie --Annie
               e. work on Bouquet by Jenny block for April
  2. Or take a nap---

Nap won that round!!!!
but then it was back to "Panic" time--ok Di get real just pick up something and start--
OK--I will work on the Sunday Best--I am nearly done and then can do the binding--
Would someone 'explain' to me -- again--which end of the needle do you thread????

Hugs---and be good!!!!


  1. And YES - I know where Ithaca is - been there LOTS of times. Oh Diane, guess where hubby and I are going the beginning of June? We're flying into the Buffalo airport and then driving to Olean. Now wouldn't it be just too cool to meet?

    Something to think about.

  2. Still giggling - that last picture did me in:)
    That shop looks marvellous - would love to visit!

  3. How convenient to be able to stop at a quilt shop. Pretty new fabrics.

  4. Sunday was our gloomy rainy day. I woke up early to thunder, rain, and lots of wind blowing against the house. We needed the rain though.

    Another beautiful quilt shop!

  5. Yesterday was gloomy and cold here, so it was nice to stay in and work on quilting projects.

  6. It was raining here all day today, your quilt shop looks great would love to visit one day, just a bit far for a day trip.


  7. Well, I am proud of you that your weight and BP are down anyway. Pat,pat,pat!!!! I think I am that last kitty!!! L,A-

  8. Even though you had to go to the doc's you still had a good day and as usual I loved your post.


  9. That is the cutest little kitty Di,
    taken on your lap?


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