Sunday, April 25, 2010


Week end gooo???????????????????
Can not believe that it is nearly 9 pm Sunday night--already!!!
I realize that Saturday was kinda of a blurr----
But I worked hard today to make up for it--
this morning I "played"
Fashion Queen---
And I literally tried on all of my summer clothes and even some of the winter ones to see which items I wanted to pack away and what I wanted to get rid of!!
I do not need to buy any tops --- please remind "Di" of that now and then --OK???
After lunch I played---
Kitchen duty---
Some one had not washed the dishes yesterday---so 'me' had to do it--along with recycle and garbage---!!!
then I had to play--
AND in the process I found something---
Announcing---that 'Di' does not have dust bunnies in her apartment
--instead she has
dust balls the size of baseballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But have no fear--she got ahold of some of them and she terminated them!!!!
Vacuum cleaner  work great for this!!
In her cleaning today --she did have to stop and 'chuckle' at this wall area---
Yep---a Christmas wall hanging still hanging up---oh my--we really do have to get "Di" head out of the quilting/sewing mode once in awhile!!!
Here what she put up in it's place--
this is one she designed two years ago--actually the Christmas one was her first own design about 6 years ago!!!
And in the top of closet she found this treasure today--
A basket she made all by herself--her first and last one--not sure why I have never done another one--never any time I guess!!!
As for the painting talent--I loved tole painting and I did do alot of it years ago--but have not been able to do any for the last 10 years, because of the smell of the paints!!!
Don't have a update on Mary--but here whole family has been here again all day--just waiting!!  At least I was able to keep my self busy!!!
NOW are you'all ready for this statement----
Di did not pick up a sewing needle ALL week end---I know that is shocking---I only knitted with bamboo needles on the baby hats this week end--or looked through old quilt magazines!!!!

That's all---- have a great---and----
OH--found this and it gave me a little chuckle so I will pass it on to you--
Hugs, Di


  1. Love this post. You are so funny. Also love that pretty kitty picture and your kitty quilt is abosletely wonderful! Did you make a pattern for it? If so, I want to buy one! Have a good week.

  2. Too funny! I must remember that smiley face one. You have been very busy. Unfortunately we must do these cleaning things once in awhile, I am right there with you today. 'cept the kitchen will be tomorrow-closets and boxes today. Love the kitty quilt--when you going to share that pattern with the world?

  3. I spewed some Dr Pepper when I read this "dust balls the size of baseballs" LOL your posts are SO MUCH FUN!!

  4. Say it isn't Sew! No sewing! And here I"ve been sewing like crazy to try to keep up with you! If you want to come clean up my dust cows, I'll send you my address. Get some rest so you can sew up a storm tomorrow.

  5. WHAT NO SEWING!!!!!!!

    AND YOU DID WHAT??????

    Loved your post as usual. Have a great week,

  6. Wonders will never cease - Di didn't sew all weekend!! And all that housework instead! Running a temperature are you? Better relax today, plenty of tea and chocolate. Doctor's orders :)

  7. *LOL* Love the Duct Tape. I'm sure my dh pictures that in his mind a lot. I hate housework. I don't know why God invented it.

  8. I'm so happy to be home, Di. I really MISSED YOU BIG TIME. I missed not being able to read your blog and smile.

    Well, now that I'm home - here I am finding myself smiling again while reading your blog.

    Thank you for such fun posts.


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